Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas Aftermath ;)

And just like that Christmas was over...
and I'm in my new scarf from
Haley & my new Kendra's from T-dawg:) 
But WAY better than that,
I've got these three with me!!!!!!!!!!!
Only thing missing is T-Daddy
but he was hunting:)
We tried to trick Walker by
telling him a gift had arrived
late and it was in this big box...
it was Hudson though!  ;)
Walker loved his gift!!!
Hudson wearing one of the shirts
Aunt Lynna got him for Christmas.
He thought this one made him "look 17";)
We took down our decorations
right after Christmas this year...
Grandmother gave the kids
Great Wolf Lodge ornaments to
remember our trip from this summer:)
Even Hadlee's American Girls
had a Christmas tree!!!!!!!!!
My kids can help me these days
with taking down decorations and such.
I love that our house has lots
of storage.  I keep all of my
Christmas decorations inside my
house rather than the attic! 
Makes things so much easier:)
Mother gave me this angel this year.
I absolutely LOVE her...
such a treasure for my collection:)
I got Hadlee this brunette
angel for her collection:)
This just makes me smile
every single year :)
Always up for fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Fish & Walker!
On a "date" with this little guy:)
at Haddie's Café!
He wore his tie for our date:)
Aunt Michelle gave Hadlee
"Apples to Apples" and we have had
so much fun playing this game!!!
She loves to play games
and I love that about her:)
Troy and Shannon hunting/fishing
on his AIR BOAT!  They had a blast:)
The girls having a slumber party in their pj's! ;)
These two put on shows for me
ALL the Time!!! 
Sister is always in charge;)
Perfect holiday evenings...
 Dinner with our faves:)
More Apples to Apples!!!
The boys at a movie!!!!!!!!
While the moms and daughters
went to see Annie!!!
Then dinner!!!!!!!!
Mother has come so far with her
selfie taking/sending abilities!!!
Go Bears:) 
Larry & Daryl, too! 
Aunt Cindy got Hadlee these
and she loves doing them!!!
This face;)
Ready to go celebrate Travis
and Aunt Michelle's Birthdays!!!
I can't get enough of these three!!!
Play date with Sweet Kimi:)
 Always working on her flips...
While the guys are back to playing BASEBALL!!!
Cracks me up to find things like
this on Walker's phone...
chatting with a GiRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The holidays were pretty much
perfect to me!!!!!!  In fact,
this is pretty much how I was feeling...

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