Sunday, February 1, 2015

Huds "Play Off Game"

This little boy.
He is something else.
He asked for blue football pants,
a practice jersey, and a quarterback
play caller wristlet for Christmas.
He had been telling us that he
had a play off game five days after
Christmas when his new stadium
was built.  He wasn't kidding;)
So, five days after Christmas,
we had his "Play Off Game"!!!
Had to get pumped up for the run-out first;)
Ready to PLAY!!!!!!
It was FREEZING cold that day!!!
I wanted to sit in the press box,
but he said I had to be on the sidelines;)
Running in for a Touch Down!
Brother helped him with the plays;)
Jared gave Hudson his actual
wristlet with the TriCity Panther
plays.  This was WAY cooler
than the one he got for Christmas:)
TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were all there for this:)
At one point Troy said, "one more play,
Hudson" (seriously it was COLD)
and Hudson looked at him like he
was CRAZY and said, "DAD, it's
just the first quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Hudson's team won 35-9.
Hudson scored all of his team's
touchdowns.  I can't even make
this stuff up!!! ;)
We were all so proud!
How cute and fun is this little guy?
Our lives would be so different
without his wonderful little presence!
He is all boy and ALL HEART.
I could just eat him up!!!
Only this little guy could get
his whole family outside in the
cold for a "pretend" football game...
Especially his MOTHER
who hates the cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go, Stud!!!
We were in the "field house"
 congratulating him for the win!  ;)
Best play off game EVER!!!
For the best little guy in the world!
We love you and your imagination,
You make this life a blast!!!!!!!!

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