Sunday, July 25, 2010


I come to my blog with a very heavy heart
tonight and BEG of your prayers for my
nephew Travis. He was in a terrible
car accident in the early morning hours (Sunday).
He is in critical condition and we are in
a minute by minute situation with him.
PLEASE pray for a miracle for my Travis.
He is my first sister's oldest son.
He is the best looking 21 year old with
a heart of gold and a crazy zest for life.
We all love Travis so much.
This is a nightmare.
PLEASE pray for a miracle
and please pray for his parents & brother.
I can't thank you enough for your prayers.
Please God have mercy on Travis.
I took this picture of Travis a couple of weeks
ago. God, please heal our Travis.
He's a fighter and we love him SO, SO MUCH.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Ag, Girl Ag, Lil Ag

Check out our newest little Aggie!
You better believe that is his little
thumb giving the Gig 'Em!!!
Need I mention how PROUD my husband is?!?
This was a random Saturday morning
after the kids went swimming.
Walker and Hadlee just happened
to throw on these jerseys.
Well, actually Walker would wear his if I'd let him!
Walker is 110% Aggie and I am guessing
that Hudson will follow suit.
Hadlee has a little Baylor in her...(I'm just
saying, honey!). I think the Aggie in her will win,
but I I better start putting some extra
money back just in case!!!
Daddy only saves for A&M!
My hairdresser got this shirt for Hudson
when he was born. Walker couldn't WAIT for
Huds to wear it! And that's Walker's beloved
and well-worn Aggie hat.
I love my Aggies!
And I'm so thankful for this cute, new one...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six Months

You are LOVE!
Happy Six Month Birthday,
Sweet Boy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It was ON!!!!!!!!!!!

We had our 4th of July ON this year!!!
We got things going on Saturday, July 3rd...
That afternoon we invited the
grandparents over for burgers!
Grandmother showed up with a festive cake &
Mamaw showed up with a delicious pie!!!We were lucky enough to have some
LIVE entertainment!!!:)That evening we headed over to my
Aunt Kitty & Uncle Ron's house...It was all about cousins and...FIREWORKS!!!The big kids had a BALL!
(while I was FREAKING out!!!)Little Miss Independance Day
stayed right by her mommy!!!My Uncle Ron is the best!
He is so involved and so generous.
I love him like a dad!!! Always have!
Little Miss did do some sparklers with Daddy!
She sparkles to me!Hudsy Puds was sparling with Aunt Lynna!It was such a nice night and I wasn't kidding
about the fireworks show my Uncle Ron
and cousin Patric put was BIG!!!Talk about a firecracker!!!
Walker seemed so big to me that night...
We love us some Hunter B!!!Big City Cousin Lovin'Late that night it was time for
the 4th of July pj's!!!
We still had lots of celebrating to go!:)Church on the 4th of July?!?
Who better to thank than God for this
amazing country where we live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!His first 4th!
Red, White, Blond, and Blue Eyed And ready to par-tay!!!
Or just grab anything within reach!!!
How 'bout these ice cream
cupcakes I whipped up?!? was time for the annual
Hoodie 4th of July at the Reed Resort!!!After a yummy dinner those crazy Reeds
had all kinds of fuuuuu-kneeeeee games for us
to play. Each were "minute to win it" games!
What 4th of July is complete without
a pie eating contest?!?!??!?!!??!The contestants were too cute!Hudson loves his freedom!Then it was the Nemecs turn at a very
funny game of who could pull out the
most tissues out of a kleenex box in a minute?!?This was a HOOT!
Go Liza B! Score one for the Hoodie GIRLS!!!The Pierces had the "JUNK IN THE TRUNK"
game. I had noooo idea what I was getting into!You have a kleenex box duct taped to you
and there are several ping pong balls that you
have to SHAKE out of the box opening
WITHOUT using your hands!!!This was a WORK OUT!!!
I can't even imagine what I looked
like shaking my own JUNK!
I took one for the Hoodie Girls' team
The Reeds took on this silly game...
you put vaseline on your face and then
using only your FACE you see how many
cotton balls you can get into another bowl!
OF COURSE Robin WON!!! Go Hoodie Girls!
And for the kids there was swimming, jumping
AND playing with all the cotton balls and
kleenex from our crazy games!!!All-American Kids, I tell ya!!!
It was a Party in the USA!!!
I'm thankful for my family, my friends,
our beautiful country and for all those that
serve and protect us!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy 4th of July!
Love...The Pierce Party of Five