Monday, May 15, 2017

July-ing 2016

Summer Dance Classes!
I am so thankful for the friendships
that Hadlee has made through dance!!!
Hadlee...if you are reading this blog,
read this and don't forget it!  ❤
Huds at the Hawkins in Kyle's
old catcher gear!  So cool!!!
What is it about sleeping children?
Even when they are 13 years old💙
I don't live for the run.
I don't even run.  
I found this in Hudson's folder from
kinder.  His favorite song?
"Whip and Nae Nae"!!!  LOL
FaceTiming from Wesley Woods!
We love our summer days 
with the Hawkins!!!
Sweetest Girls💜
At the creek in 98 degree temps...
but looks like snow!
I love to see what Hadlee changes 
her screen savers to...
especially when it's my best 
friends' children!!!!
At Daddy's office for him to 
pull one of Hadlee's teeth!
Dr. Pierce;)
Hank & Huds
Look what popped up on my memories...
Hadlee & Ann Marie...
at Sunday School many, many years
ago.  Now they are little besties❤
Hadlee curled my hair!!!!!
Hudson is ALWAYS, I mean always,
writing out line ups or drawing plays.  
I love it!
He has made hundreds of these!!!!!!
I'm not even kidding!

This about sums me up...
I just wish it said....................
"But I am tired
AND thankful."

Friday, May 12, 2017

WACO TOWN with Hadlee & Ella!!!

Mom insisted on joining in on the 
Waco Town hype!  :)
I adore these two girls!!!!!!❤
Hadlee & Ella are both so full of joy!
They are just sweet, spirited girls...
no drama!  I'm so thankful 
they have each other!!!
The new Magnolia at the Silos
was actually closed when we were 
there.  I hadn't even been there yet!  
Next Stop......
And finally.......