Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last School Days of 2011-2012

Good friends at South Bosque
wearing their "Clayton Wins"
shirts on the same day!!!
 ~ Peyton, Ryan, Walker,
Matthew, Jared, Cade ~
Clayton is the younger brother
to a friend that these guys have all
played sports with although he goes
to another school.  Clayton is fighting
AND winning against cancer!!!
Whether losing or winning against cancer,
it is still an EXTREMELY difficult road
to go on:( I am thankful that these boys
are praying and pulling for their
buddy's brother.  God is good!
These boys are crazy, too!  ;)
Fun-loving with good hearts!!! 
Can't forget these two precious ones
in kindergarten also
supporting Clayton in his
Hadlee's sweet little questions
about Clayton have warmed my heart.

I tear up thinking about my three
English II classes this year.
They were just so wonderful.
I am so blessed with my job...
it's very rewarding and I just
PRAY with all my heart that
I help make a difference in these
kids' lives.  Somehow, someway.
My crazy, fun first period...
My teaching partner this year.
A true gem.  I love her so much!
My lovable, sweet third period...
The girls...
The guys...
Third period was special.  It was a small,
sweet class.  We had fun:)

Cannon was baptised in May.
A little something for our sweet friend:)

One of the last real days of school...
My third grader...but not for much longer :(
Are you kidding me?
Almost a first grader :(
The third graders were able to earn
an ice cream sundae party
once they passed all of their multiplication
tables.  Walker rocked those things!
Thank Goodness he got his
daddy's math skills;)

Hudson and I came to help at the party!
Huds is always a hit...
Merely two now...
but someday he'll be in that school, too! ;(
My suh~weet Love....
Tristan, Chris, Walker
Swafford's Third Grade Class :)
 According to Ms. Swafford,
these two stole a hug from each other
every chance they could this year!  :)
I love hearing who all gets hugs
from Haddie Girl.  She deals them out there!
Such a sweet mess!!!!!
Wearing one of Walker's old shirts;)
Ready for Recess!!!
Brother Love!!!
No shame in lovin' on little brother;)
Chris, Cade, Walker

Walker reminds me SO much of his daddy
in this crazy self-portrait!
It's a good thing I think Tdawg is so cute;) 
The last days of third grade are t.i.r.e.s.o.m.e!
God love his little heart...little did I know
he was developing a sinus infection:(
Fun treats that THIS mama got to make
for the third grade class!  ;)
Not my idea...but they turned out really cute!

Feeling so thankful for yet another
wonderful year in elementary for
BOTH of my babies!!!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

How else do you celebrate
Memorial Day 2012?!? 
In addition to the water sprinklers,
 you take your thankful hearts
and celebrate with family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This little thing loves
her Uncle Wendell;)
And the feeling is quite mutual!!!
Wendell is so sweet to always
open his pool to us...whether he is
there or not!  Such a good man:)
What am I going to do with this
kid who is growing up WAAAAY
too fast?!?!?!?!?!?  :(
These little dumplins had too
much fun celebrating!!!  
I couldn't say it better
or mean it more....................................

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

Daddy watching his girl dance
on her 6th birthday.....
Grandmother, too:)
Dance this year was on Mondays
at 4:30.  This is usually what
my boys looked like during.....ha;
Three years of dance with Mrs. Emily!
Emily is so complimentary of Hadlee
and her dancing.  Makes a mama
proud.  Even better is how she talks
about Hadlee's sweetness:)
Haddie adores Emily, too!
Sweet girls lined up at dance rehearsal
on Saturday morning......
On Stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For Rehearsal...
Hadlee is such a little listener &
has to follow directions and rules exactly! 
Her dance besties...Ella Kate & Kenley
Little Miss on stage rehearsing her tap routine!
Wouldn't you know it?
Grandmother just had to have a sneak peak! 
I don't just love having a girl.......
I love having THIS girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM
Dance Recital
LOVED that Kimi joined us
this year for dance!
Backstage with Beautiful LaLa
AND Beautiful RoRo!!!!
Robin & I are total stage moms ;)
Sweet, precious ballerinas!
SO silly, too!  ;)
I love her so much it hurts!!!!!!!!!

Sweetest little best friend EVER:)
Hadlee can be so bashful and shy at times
and definitely does NOT like attention
drawn to her.  BUT the girl LOVES
the stage!!!!!!!!  Absolutely can't wait
to be ON the stage and always asks
for more turns!!!!!!!!!
Right before show time!!!!!
Hadlee did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
This little girl knows her routines!!!!
She was so happy with her performance!  :)
Notice my sweet girl is the ONLY one
without make-up!  Daddy will not
allow it AT ALL on his six year old!
(Sooooo much like another daddy
I know whom I happen to call DAD!)
Time for Tap!!!
A class of adorable little friends!!!
Friends since their first year of dance....
Sweet Besties:)
Anxiously waiting to get back
on that stage!!!
Such a cute routine!!!!!!
(Hadlee front row far right)
Aunt Michelle ran back stage
to love on her Haddie!!!
A friend from last year's class...
Baby Brother needed a break
so he came backstage with us...
We tried to take a baby brother pic
with Kenley & Kyler,
but somebody wasn't having it!!!  ;(
My little angel always seems to have fun :)
Her giggle just might be the
cutest sound in the world!!!
(in the back!)
Coming in for the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three Year Dance Award
Backstage after the finale....
ALL sweet hugs!!!
And of course LOTS more hugs......
I adore their love for one another!!!
Daddy's Girl :)
Big Brother survived the recital
and he was happy for Sister!!!
(BUT so oblivious to the young ladies
from his school coming to say hi to him!)
Hadlee McCall...
You are precious in HIS sight
and ours!!!!!!!!!!
So sweet of Mrs. Janice
and Miss Adrienne to come!!!!!!
Such blessings in Hadlee's life!
Brought her a Ballerina Barbie, too;)
A special gift from
Grandmother & PaPa, too......
A beautiful & fancy tiara
for their princess!!!
PaPa & Grandmother
absolutely ADORE Hadlee!!!
The feeling is quite mutual!
Pierce Party of Five
SO blessed & SO happy to
celebrate our little dancer!
Mommy loves you, Little Girl!
I truly could not be more proud of you!!!!!!!!
And mommy also loves you two little boys!!!
Perfect presents for our Princess....
"Let them praise
His name in dance..."
Psalm 149:3