Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lunch Dates & Love

These two are about as cute as they come:)
My friend, Amanda, invited Hadlee
and me to join her and Cannon
for lunch at the school. 
She brought us lunch & it was so fun!
I sent the above pics to Troy and
he thought Cannon was a little too
close to Hadlee;)
It's a good thing I didn't send him
Haddie Girl appeared to be
the flirtacious one;)
After lunch, Sweet Girl
and I went to the Book Fair!

The next day I got to have lunch
with THIS Stud Muffin!!!!
And go with him to the book fair, too!:)
Walker is so sweet and I love
any alone time I can get with him:)
Troy had invited me to lunch that day
not knowing I already had plans
with another "guy"!!!
He asked me to just send him a
picture of his wife......
so I took this one of me on my
way to get my other little "guy"!
I love having three sweet boys
and one precious princess in my life!

That my glory may sing your praise
 and not be silent. O Lord my God,
I will give thanks to you forever!
Psalm 30:12

Friday, March 30, 2012

SUPER Brothers

"Sometimes being a brother
is even better than
being a superhero!"
Marc Brown

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hadlee's Program/Spring Open House

Guess whose turn it was to
at South Bosque?..................
It's quite hard to believe that my little
Haddie Cakes is old enough
to be in school :(
We were ALL so excited for this
night...Hadlee's Kindergarten P.E.
Program AND Spring Open House! 
I love that their school is SUCH
a happy place for them!  :)
Wherever the three of them are
is MY happy place:)
Wonder how long Walker has wanted
to do this on his school stage?!?
You'd think this crazy boy gets in
trouble at school.  But he's never
had a color change!  He is SO
well-behaved at school!!!!!! ;)
My little Haddie Pattie Pie
was SO over the top excited about
her program.  She's been talking about it
for WEEKS...including the MANY,
many people she wanted to invite.
Since it's in the gym and lasts about
20 minutes, it's really not one that
the school encourages us to bring
lots so I never mentioned it to anyone
other than Grandmother.  Well, I
overheard her asking Aunt Michelle
yesterday why she didn't come!  ;(
We heart Cannonball!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Brothers:)
Waiting for the program to start...
Hudsy Puds dreaming of his day out there...
The first "routine" was different poses
that they have learned based on pictures.
Hadlee was SO flexible!!!
And she NEVER missed a beat!!!!!!!!!
Next up was cup stacking....
Sweet girl took this program
very seriously!!!
Then it was time for dribbling and
Haddie was front and center:)
She had been telling me how her
teachers were telling her
she was "great" at dribbling;)
Waiting for the cue to begin.....
She really was GREAT!!!!!!!
Little Macy!!!?!????!
The rock climbing wall......
maybe not her best station!  ha!
Like mother, Like daughter! 
Climbing the rope in elementary
 literally made me ill!  ;(
The Hula Hoop Routine:)
Again, Hadlee knew every last motion
and never missed a beat!  :)
The precious little girl in front of her just
happens to be the niece of one of my
college roommates!  LOVE that:)
With Mrs. Decker & her Intern, Ms. Raminger....
Proud Bubs:)
One thing I can honestly say is that
Walker has really never shown jealousy
over his baby sister...even when she
was born.  I think he was so happy
to have someone else in our family! 
The ALWAYS proud Grandmother! :)

After the program, it was time to visit
their classes and see their work...
Uh oh!  A&M?  Mrs. Decker happens
to be an Aggie...perhaps she swayed her?
Cannon's plans had us ALL cracking up
(and heartbroken!).  His says he is going
to marry Shelby who is a little girl in
another class that he has known for a long
time.  We gave the Carrs such a hard time
over this!  We thought Hadlee & Cannon
were SET!!!;) Amanda called me the
next day to inform me that the mystery
had been solved.............
Hadlee had told Cannon that she
was going to marry WALKER!!!!!!!!!
We were dying!;)
(I'm so thankful Hadlee didn't put
that in her note...might have been weird
for everyone to read that!!!)
Her journal was beyond precious just like her.
She is such a loving little thing:)
Then it was upstairs to see our third
grade love's work AND beautiful,
sweet teacher!!!!!!!
We loved Walker's
"Texas Ranger Pigs" story!!!!!!!!
I literally could not be more proud
of this kid!  He is friendly to all, kindhearted,
hardworking, smart, funny, sweet
and handsome.  He is my heart.
He loves to read!!!!  I really think
he has read more books than I have
at this point.  He is an AR test taking kid!
He still counts the Diary of a Wimpy
Kid books as some of his very favorite...
that's why he created this book cover!
Walker is so reserved and shy and
smitten with his adorable teacher!
Haddie loves her, too!
Apparently she and Hadlee stop
everyday to give each other a hug:)
I recently wrote the principal to tell
him that there is no better comfort to
a mother than knowing her babies
are being loved all day long by
their teachers at school.  It's the truth!
I probably should have mentioned to
him that the third one coming up might
be a stinker pot pie!  Here he was in
the corner that night!!!!  ;)  ha!!!
Take one....
Take two...
(nevermind HUDSON!)
So very grateful for my mother who
loves and adores my babies so much
and never wants to miss a thing in their lives:)
Haddie Girl...your mommy and daddy
love you more than words could ever say!
You have made us SO proud this year
being the sweetest little girl
at school and learning SO much!
Truly our little bit of Heaven on earth!  :)