Sunday, September 29, 2013

Travis and a New Doctor (:

My heart has been extra heavy for Travis
over the last couple of weeks. 
His daily struggles and his (actually OUR)
longing for his recovery to speed up
sometimes overwhelms me. 
I catch myself wanting to scream
Even worse than that, I hear him
ask and wonder why?
If only Travis knew how much his family
wonders the same and wishes
all of this away for him.
Life can be really hard for some people. 
Thankfully, upon the suggestion of
his Hillcrest speech therapists after
a not so great swallow study,
Lynna took him to see an ENT Doctor.
The doctor goes to my church and I
happen to know him.  He's a wonderful
Christian man and has himself
beat cancer.  Lynna felt like the doctor
was really positive and willing to
try some things.  He is actually
the first medical doctor willing
to try anything.  We are SO thankful
and cautiously optimistic!
On Thursday, October 10th, this
doctor will dilate Trav's esophagus
and also use Botox on a muscle
that is not working properly. 
Please, please pray this helps Travis!!!
How incredible would another miracle be?
If it be in God's will.....
oh how amazing that would be!
He said to them, “Because of your little faith.
For truly, I say to you, if you have faith
like a grain of mustard seed,
you will say to this mountain,
‘Move from here to there,’
and it will move, and
nothing will be impossible for you.”
Matthew 17:20
The other day while we were at Baylor
for speech, Hudson and I were taking
a walk and we stopped by a fountain
to make wishes and throw in our pennies. 
I asked Hudson what he wished for,
and he said, "For Twavis to walk."
God bless my little Hudson's heart
and his love and his compassion
forming at such a sweet, precious age. 
It's moments like these that I know
without a doubt that God is near......
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18

Friday, September 27, 2013

Surfer Boy!!!

My handsome, sweet, funny
blond surfer lookin' guy!
You continue to tell me that
you "do love me" countless times
a day and you wear five
to six shirts at the same time
all day, everyday.  You
are my funny, funny boy.
God knew I needed you, Hudson Jack!
"I do love you!"

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Perfect Weekend

Last weekend was just perfect...
Friday night started off with going to our
friends' house for dinner with a few other
families.  We've been trying to do this
FOREVER and it finally worked out. 
Troy and I have made such amazing
friends through Walker's friends' parents.
I love that!  We have been blessed and blessed!
 Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day and I promised
the kids they could play all day long with friends.
Sweet Girl had her precious little friend
from her class last year over...
 Little Bro got to hang with them some of the time...
 Doesn't get much better than gorgeous weather,
sweet friends and a funny little brother to chase you;)
 T-Daddy gave golf cart rides...
 Silly, crazy, handsome 5th grade boys!
 When little man felt left out,
then mommy got to play with him and Spiderman.
I'm always Mary Jane:)
 I cracked up at this picture that Hudson
took when I didn't even know it...
notice his precious little toe!
Sonic to feed the gang at our house;)
 They even ALL played together
some of the time!  It was just such a
pretty day and evening:)
 Then Sunday morning donuts before church...
I mean who doesn't come to breakfast like this?!? ;)
"Love wholeheartedly, be surprised,
give thanks and praise --
then you will discover the fullness
of your life." 
Brother David Steindl-Rast

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cheering & Hitting

Ready for Cheerleading!!!!!!
Little Bro not embarassing his sister
AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! ;)))
Love this goof ball!!!!!
Precious little gymnasts!
Haddie is loving Flips!
While Hadlee finished with her cheerleading
class, I took Walker to his private
hitting lesson with Coach Brewer.
(Daddy was out of town)
Somebody else thought he was
going for a lesson, too;)
I could NOT believe how well
Walker was hitting!  He better
do this in his upcoming games.  WOW!
Look where all of these balls were landing!
After the lesson, Walker and Coach
let Big Huds hit, too!  And boy did he!!!
Line drive down third base line and then
he ran all the bases for a HOME RUN:)
Love my Cheerleaders and my Ballers!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goal Tender Day

Sweet Girl had so much FuN
attending the Goal Tender Camp
at Midway High School!!!!
Kolby snatched Haddie right up
when we got there!!!
Dylan and Hadlee ready to dance(:
Haddie's 2nd grade group! 
Ready to Perform!!!
First up were the Goal Tenders!
Then Hadlee took the floor to dance her little heart out!  (:
Sweetie Pie did AWESOME performing!!!
LoVE watching this girl perform!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee with Mrs. Emily's daughter, Sydney...
Kolby again (:
Brynna and Hadlee
Hadlee's 4th grade buddy last year, Chloe...
This little girl is my little bit of Heaven
on Earth.  I'm just so thankful to have a
daughter ~ but not just any daughter...
THIS daughter.  She is perfect to me!!!
I love you, Hadlee McCall!
Thankful for your fun, sweet,
precious, performing spirit! 

Monday, September 23, 2013


Ranger Ball Park in Arlington is
the Pierce's HaPPy PLaCE!   
It's like our Disney World;)
Daddy surprised us a month or so ago
telling us he got us tickets for Friday,
September 13th in AMAZING seats
for a game against the #1 A's!!!!!!
We took the kids out of school a little
early and headed to Arlington!!!
I❤this picture...
Happy Happy Happy
Hey Buzz! 
Our fave commentator!!!
Pierce Party of Five!!!!!!!!!!
Trying to get that magical picture again;)
My favorite!  (:
I absolutely love how we all share
a passion for Ranger baseball!  
Huds and Daddy with Buzz in the background;)
 Even this little guy...
he couldn't WAIT to see Beltre!
Hiiiii Coach Pettis!!!!!!!!!!
AND Wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Mitch Moreland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Busby and Tom chatting before the game!
Our seats were so AWESOME...
right behind the Ranger dug out. 
We could totally call out the players and
coaches and they would talk back to us!!!
Standard conversation with Hudson...
Who's your favorite Ranger?
What position does he play?
What does he do when he gets up to bat?

Such a rush seeing all the players (for us!)...
this was Nolan Ryan getting interviewed on the field:
My new buddy, Coach Pettis, motioned for
us to come over to him.  I was like SAY WHAT?
Then he held up a BALL and pointed at WALKER!
Seriously soooooooooooo cool...
one of the balls the Rangers were warming up with!!!
National Anthem...
The Parnells let us know that
Walker & I had made it on TV
during the National Anthem! 
 Opening pitch...Derrek Holland was on the mound:)
 At one point I accidently yelled,
"ELVIS, we LOVE you!"...
Troy and Walker were mortified!
Elvis grinned back and Troy said he
hoped that Elvis would give me a ride home;)
I also may or may not have yelled;)
"HI GENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!"
as Craig Gentry was scanning the crowds.
He totally and completely looked at me
and said hi back!!!!!!!!  
The kids were SO pumped over our
appearance on the Jumbotron!!!!!!
Beltre at Bat!!!!!!
These two cute Ranger fans were
seriously into the game!!!
Cutest cheerleader there ...
 My best little one shoulder lovin' Ranger
fan!!!!!!  Had a blast with him all night!(:
We had to make up some fun when
he got a little antsy during the game!  
He's my precious little Ranger
Out of nowhere the mascot
JUMPS into the seat next to Hadlee...
about scared us to death! It was too funny!!!
Hadlee ATE it up!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the mascot ATE Hudson up!!!!!!!;)
The funny mascot sat with us for
about ten minutes!  The kids loved it!!!
Then he moved in front of us...
Hadlee's fave at bat...KINSLER!!!
Go #5!!!!!!
A pic of him at 2nd for her (:
Beltre at 3rd for Hudson...
Coach Ron Washington coming off the field!  
Our Baylor Boy...Murphdog!!!
(David Murphy)
Having a BLaST with my favorite baseball player

Hello Ian!  Sorry you struck out;(
Hadlee and Hudson totally goofing off........
Next we started getting texts that our two crazy
H's had been on TV! The Rinewalts sent
us these pics from their TV!!!!!
FuNNY, SiLLy KiDS!!!!!!
AJ at bat...he's daddy's favorite player!
Craig Gentry at Bat!!!!!  WAHOOOOOOOOOO;)
The KiSS CaM!!!!!!!!!!!!
These games are so fun!!!
I think Haddie wants to be a Ranger Girl now!  (:
Well, what do ya know? 
More texts and Troy's buddy sends him
THIS pic of DADDY on tv!!!!!!!
Hey husband LOVES you!!!!!
Elvis & Profar
 Mommy's favorite...
Ranger Boy
Ranger Girl
Watching her guy Ian bat!  
We had some horrible calls that night:(
Wash was not having it!!!
Nolan not happy with the outcome of the game:(
It was an AWESOME game...and we almost
came back and won it (would have had it not
been for a terrible call!)
Coach Andy Hawkins...he went to school
with Lynna.  I got to talk to him that night!
Time for the FIRE WORKS Show!!!!!!!!!!!

We ❤ed it!!!!!!!
Other than the loss:(...
it was a perfect evening with my little family!
We had a BLaST!!!!!!!!!
 Until next time, Ranger Ball Park!!!!!!