Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Daddy Home"

Daddy made it home safely from Arkansauce
and we were so happy to see him!
He was home in time to go with Haddie
and me to pick the Walkman up from school.
Then we headed to..........
Aunt Michelle & Uncle Terry were so
sweet to give the kids gift cards to
Build-a-Bear as part of their Christmas
gifts. Walker has been BEGGING
to go and make the dinosaur which
is retiring (Troy said it's going extinct!).
The Stud Muffin always runs into
cute girlfriends at the mall...
I love this place because it allows
kiddos to really express themselves!
Walker had no doubts he would choose
the dinosaur and it had to ROAR!!!
(Extra cool he had just finished learning
about dinosaurs all week in Kindergarten!)
I had big hopes that Miss Prissy Pie
would choose the adorable pink
Valentine monkey, but my hopes were dashed!
HELLO KITTY all the way!!!
Plus this one certain dress that
Haddie picked out for her...
no changing this chick's mind whatsoever!!!
This time Hadlee wasn't scared of the
'machine', but this whole thing is still
some pretty serious business...
I can't help but say it...
my little girl is a little bit of
Heaven on Earth!
She is just that sweet!!!

Speaking of expressing yourself, can you even believe how Walker chose to dress his T-Rex?!?Daddy was tired...but SOOOOOOOOO happy to be home!!! He loves him some family!

When Hadlee woke from her nap and realized
that Daddy had just gotten home, she
hugged him tight for a long time and said,
"I missed you soooo much" over and over again!

Below Photography & Planning by Walker D. Pierce...

Walker really misses Troy when he is gone, and
he takes being 'man of the house' VERY seriously!!!
Haddie's kitty turned out so cute & she loved her,
but not yet enough to have her picture made!
I found this handsome model instead...

This was Daddy with his girl still really enjoying
his time at the mall with us...
This was about when Daddy told the
clerk at Chickfila that these kids belonged to
that lady ~ and pointed at ME.Finally, this was when Daddy said,
"We're leaving."
I'm not sure, but he might have been
missing Arkansauce at this point!!!Hope you've had a ROARING good weekend!!!
Thank you Aunt Michelle ("Chelle") for the AWESOME gifts!!!

We love you!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Nighty Night

Must have been a rough night for
Haddie and the twins.
This was how I found her napping
on my bed the other day.
I think you've met her twins before.
They are named
"Guuirrrl Baby & Boy Baby"...
Sweet Haddie,
I've been there and done that with YOU!!!
Just think, your God Mommy
is now enjoying nights like that with...

I love my Haddie and my Addie!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Man, Camo & Some Arkansauce

I know you've heard me mention
before that Troy is a hunter.
I did not grow up in a hunting family.
I knew what it was like (it's different!)
because of my uncle, cousins & Kelli G's fam,
but my dad just wasn't a hunter.

I feel terribly sorry for Bambi,
I mean deer...
but I understand it all the same, too.

Regardless of Bambi and her poor mommy,
I also find hunting to be quite MANLY!!!
And my man is a manly man!
Love that!!!
This was after Troy's last hunt...
I'm guessing that this was Bambi's Daddy?!?
A manly son just might be in my future...
Check out the camo duds that Daddy's
friend Brent sent for Walker...
Hadlee also has camo duds...
she chooses to accessorize hers a little differently!!!
(Again in her adorable hat from Sweet Alison!
Love you girl! Also check out the precious
scarf my friend Carolyn from the high school
made for Haddie last year!)Hadlee loves her manly Daddy, too!
Such a sweet pic...

Daddy has been gone this week on a business trip so we couldn't resist showing him some LOVE from home! As Haddie has told everyone, Daddy is in Arkansauce!!! We've missed you...and even all of your camo, too!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Man Winter

I wish we had a better relationship than we do, but it has just never been right - unless I am on a ski slope. I'm talking about my relationship with Old Man Winter. My closest of friends know about this relationship. It's really sad. I do NOT like weird foods, hot drinks or cold weather. There. I said it. I have desperately tried (and failed) to NOT pass on my aversion to A LOT of foods to my children. On this same note, I have tried to hide from them my disdain of cold temperatures. Seeing as though these pictures were taken in late November in Central Texas during our first cold 'snap' (it might have been 50 degrees), I don't think I'm doing a very good job?!?
(But, oh how cute these little gloves that God Mommy sent to Haddie last year are?!? And the adorable hat that my roommate my freshman year at Baylor made for Haddie when she was born. I think it was my favorite baby gift. Still fits, too!!!)
This week Old Man Winter shows up with his good buddy Mr. Icy! Oh yes, he diiiiii-ed. Unbeknownst to Mr. Icy, the Pierces are well-equipped to handle him with our adorable rain boots from Target (pronounced in French, s'il vous plait!).
Miss Priss has been wearing her boots (maybe hers are Old Navy?!?) through rain, sleet, shine, snow, clouds, and with any outfit available since last year. But Walker & I, we got ours out for this dreary, foggy, icy week.........

Do you want to see mine?!?

TA DA!!! (Thanks, honey, for the early V-day present! Sorry I accidentally wore them early!!!)
Mommy can pose with the best of them........

I just have to add that I really am angry with Mr. Icy!!! VERY. ANGRY. This morning he made my mom slip and hurt herself pretty badly while trying to come out to MY car to get MY daughter and give MY son some love. Slight concussion for her. Slight heart attack for me. I'm heading to Target to get her some boots tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More More More

Yeeeeeeee HAAAAAAA!!!
So glad that my little God Daughter is feeling
some Texas LOVE...

Sweet Kaye Bells shares Addie's BIRTHday!
What a SWEET treat for the Na Na's!!!
It's absolutely perfect!
The only Na Na who lives in
San Fran also shares Addie's special day!
LOVE this...

AHHHHHH...the beautiful new Mommy! Aunt Brooke (Kelli's sister) and I have been in CLOSE contact today & yesterday. She's in NYC, me in WC (Waco City).......we have been day dreaming every second about this baby girl!!! I am trying to keep my stalking to a minimum. Kelli sounded FANTASTIC today (cutie little girl on the left is Rob's niece)...

Brooke and I are both desperate to talk to Kelli every second to know what is going on...but you know how that goes when a perfect little lady like this shows up in your life!!! I did have ONE word for Kelli today...DERMOPLAST Spray!!! They don't serve this in the California Hospitals?!? PUH-LEASE!!! Was I the only one addicted to that stuff after child birth?!?

Such sweet & beautiful birthday girls...

THIS is a Daddy in L-O-V-E...

All day today as I played with Haddie, I thought of Addie! Kelli & Rob are going to have so much fun for the rest of their lives with this little lady! I can't wait to see Addie's personality! I know she will be full of spunky love!!! I am one happy God Mommy & I think Addie looks even more lovely than she did yesterday!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Here...

...and I wish I was there!!!

Meet her. Look at her. Love her.
My God Daughter arrived today!!!
~ Sweet Beautiful Addison ~
Isn't she just lovely?!?
Perfect and beautiful in every single way possible!
Addison was born to her ROCK STAR mommy
(aka my bestie!) this morning at 8:36 am
in San Francisco (hence why I wasn't there!).
I was carrying on a conversation with
Kelli at 6:45 her time this morning,
when she said she would call
me right back. She quickly called back
merely to tell me she'd call later because...
she was about to PUSH!!!
Such a super star! We love our God Mommy!!!
Addie weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces.
She's 20 sweet inches long.
Guess who also shares this BIRTHday...
Sweet Kaye Bells!!!
We are keepin' the love in the Na Na Hood!!!
What a fantastic day!
I am so excited to share mommyhood
with Kelli. She is going to be the
best, most fun mom EVER!!!
After 793 texts, e-mails, and phone calls today...
I am just SO HAPPY for Rob & Kelli!!!
A beautiful, healthy baby girl!
What Blessings from Above!!!
So much more to share and so many more pics to come!

Wiikend with the Hoodies!!!

This wiikend the Reeds invited some
Hoodies over to play & eat yummy fajitas!
Hadlee always seems to find a cute little
hoodie to have a date with at these shindigs...These two are so fun together!
(Notice Walker is doing air guitar...
wanna know why?!?)

The Reeds got a Wii & Guitar Hero for Christmas! None of us had ever played before.

It was a HOOT!Who knows? A Hoodie Band might be in our future. You know like the one on Wisteria Lane?!?
My Sweet, Beautiful Hoodie Girls!
Notice the cute baby boy bump on Elizabeth!!!

The Little Hoodies were in and out on the action! I don't know why I didn't get pics of the cutie pie girls?!?Let me just say that the men weren't the only
ones with talent...But the men did seem to dominate the show!!!
Dylan played hard-to-get with Haddie Girl...And, Brady, well...he just cheesed it up for us!!!
I must say my favorite performers were
these two crazy guys...Although this couple was pretty cute, too...American Idol Here We Come!!!
SO, what do you do the day after you've
played Wii at your best Hoodie's house?!?
YOUR HUSBAND goes to buy a WII
for YOUR OWN HOUSE...of course!!!

Was learning to play the hardest part?!? No, silly...picking out what we each look like was!!! At least for Hadlee & Mommy it was!!!Troy & I on the tennis court! Unfortunately this is the closest I'll probably ever get to actually being on a tennis court! (Kelli G and I once did win a tennis trophy though!!!).Sweet Little Haddie couldn't quite participate yet, but here she is bowling with her jar of Starburst (only yellow & orange of course!)...
As Walker and I were playing each other, I told him that I was the ~ his reponse was, "I am the better"!!! Feel free to use that one, Mo, since I totally stole from you!!! You go,!!!
Wii had a blast today (well, as long as Walker won or as long as he didn't talk smack to Daddy...but those things are for a whole 'nother post!). I just hope that wii continue to enjoy AND USE the wii!!! But shhh...please don't tell Walker that after he & Haddie went to bed that Daddy and I played it some more!!!

Thanks again, Hoodies!!!

Wii love you!

P.S. ~ My God Daughter will be born today!!! Praying for her & Kelli!!!