Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mammogram Time!!!

I couldn't put it off any longer...
NOR should I have ever done such a 
thing to begin with!!!!
I knew that I HAD to have a 
mammogram done when I was 40.
I waited until the end of February 
before I turned 41 on March 2nd.
I won't do it like that again.
I mean, come on, my shoes
matched the pink robe they had for me!
But seriously, there's really nothing
to a mammogram.  It's a bit awkward 
especially since a dear friend of mine 
from high school was doing mine -
which actually made it super nice.  
Kelli G had told me 10 minutes
and Michelle would have me out 
of there.  Well.........
I guess the Good Lord saw it fit
to teach me a mini-lesson about
putting things as important as this off.  
THiS is the look of FEAR in my eyes!!!
During my mammogram,
Michelle noticed some "stuff" and showed
it to the doctor.  He thought he needed 
a closer look and wanted me to have
an ultrasound.  I was texting Troy
and scared to death.  Michelle or the 
technician couldn't really give me any
info one way or another but Michelle
did think it was just the composition 
of my 'girls'. I prayed and prayed.  
Beyond thankfully, the doctor came in and
told me that it was indeed just the composition 
of my girls - apparently they are Fibrocystic?!?
I think that was the word, but
all I heard was NO WORRIES this time.  
Oh the relief!!!!!!!!!!!
I took these pictures to send to 
my friends about the importance
of taking care of the 'girls' on time!!!
I knew as I walked out of that place
that MANY women, some whom I 
have known, don't get to leave there
with an extra skip in their step. 
The next time I go, I might not
be so lucky myself.  
You just never know!
I was so thankful for my good news
that day though!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pray my heart out for
too many that are fighting cancer.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hadlee's Alamo Project

So South Bosque's 4th Grade 
ALAMO Project had arrived again...
this time for Hadlee!!!
I really wanted Hadlee to just turn in 
Walker's Lego Alamo!  ha ha!
But really ~ I thought we could throw
in some pink legos and call it a day.
No such luck!!!
Walker's was AMAZING though!
Hadlee and Daddy thought and thought...
we made trips to Hobby Lobby and 
FiNaLLY they came up with an idea.
It started out with wood like this ~
thanks to Daddy's drawing and engineering.
But then Sister's idea was to wrap it
in the ever so popular BURLAP!!!
Hadlee had made it her own!!!
Over the next few days the two
of them worked on it.....
It turned out AWESOME!!!!!!
Then they mounted it and added
trees ~ again Hadlee's idea:)
They were so proud of their work!
I was so proud AND THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh how very different their Alamo projects
would be if we didn't have TROY!!!!
Hadlee also added the little rock walk way...
They even turned it in early!!!!!!!
LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The man behind THiS Alamo...
AND this one, too!!!
Way to go, Daddy and Hadlee!!!!!!
Funny that this popped up on my Facebook
memory the very week Hadlee's was due!
Two Down, One To Go ;)
Troy is an amazing daddy, obviously!
I also love how Hadlee was committed to
her project and she wanted it to turn 
out awesome, too!!!

We will always...
REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

February, Family, Friends and FUN!!!

Hey were fun!
Hope my girl always has
her SQUAD of friends:)
Griffin + Hudson = Best Buds in Kinder
How Griffin drew Hudson:)
Typical Classroom Shenanigans;)
This essay.  :(
Hudson's Russell Wilson Poster!!!
Mrs. Cates at lunch with Hadlee...
on a day I put a sweet note, but 
forgot her M&M's!  ha!
This memory......
100 Days of School ~ Huds got #13!
Pears Pears Pears 
Lots of PEARS in Mrs. PEARce's Class!
Oh February....
Most always a house full.  
Most always - ME.
Sweetest two.  
AWESOME new STORM jersey arrived!!!
Nice sight...
ALWaYS on the GO!!!!!!!.
Usually for baseball;)
13 year old = too cool
Watching Storm practice.....  
But this always happens;)
Love my MAMA friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Close UPs of PURE LOVE!!!
My third sweet and beautiful 
and angelic God Daughter was born...
And my heart melted into a tiny
little pieces because I'm so far way
and she's so perfect!
Hazel...God knew my best friend needed her!
I forgot to tell my best friend this 
before she had THREE kids though!!!
Getting WAY too big.  
1 John 3:1
These are the DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pep Rally for our favorite PLAYER!
LOTS of dance rehearsal!
My family:)
Hudson went to Walker's track try outs
with us and came home and decided
he was also trying out for track;)
Hadlee went right along with him
and made him this sign!  LOL!
Coach Pierce of course;)
We PREACH to our kids
about taking the "high road"...
I love this!!!  The high road is 
ALWAYS better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAT Day at South Bosque!!!
Fun over at the Barkleys!!!!!!!!!
Oh the friends and fun in THiS class!!!!
Travis was dressed up as 
TRUMP that day!!!  
Good times!!!
Hudson's Birthday Book at South Bosque!
How fitting that it was a book 
about a grandfather:(
Our very best girl friend!
Ready for her Competition Weekend!!!!!!!!
This sweet boy...
Reminds me of his big brother here...
My student Austin brought Huds 
a Midway golf ball!  He was thrilled:)
So much about this screen shot from
Walker's phone thrills ME...
One, the middle school youth minister
following up with Walker.
Two, Walker handling it.
Three, Walker wanting to get baptized
 with his Dad.  
I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!