Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hadlee's Back Handspring!

Thursday night gymnastics with 
Kate & Hadlee!!!!!!!!
But this Thursday night was special!!!  :)
In January, Hadlee's coaches told
her that her back handspring on her own
was VERY close ~ as in 
the next week, she would be trying
it on her own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely loved what my beautiful
sister texted to Hadlee that day
before she went!!!
 AND SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again and again and again!
Each one got better!!!!!
Her precious teacher was so
excited for her!!!!!!! :)
On the way home Hadlee told me, 
"I said a prayer, concentrated and just did it!"
That's my girl on doing on her first
ever running round off back handspring
on her own!  She took Aunt Michelle's
advice and quote to heart...
"Confidence is a gift that 
we give to ourselves." 
Praying that over my sweet 
little gymnnast!!!!!!!!
 Especially as she was flipping 
all over the place ;)
I let her pick out something for 
a treat that night!!!!!  ha ha!
And who doesn't need a big
stuffed fluffy puppy?!?  
Proud of you, Sweet Girl!!!!!!!!!!
Your future is BRiGHT!!!!!!!

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snekcip said...

Way to Go Hadlee!!!!!