Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kinder & 4th Grade Valentine's Parties

Valentine's Day Party with my 
most favorite kid in kindergarten!!!
How cute is he?!???!!!!!!!
Hudson adores Miss Whitehead, 
the Baylor intern!  One day he accidentally
told me that he wished I looked
like Miss Whitehead.  Poor guy so 
quickly changed his tune...
after the look of horror on his mama's
face!  ha ha!  I think a sweet little
crush is perfectly fine:)
VERY thankful for her!!!!
She told me that every single day Hudson
gives her a sports update.  One 
day he asked her if she'd
like to see his golf swing;)!!!!!!
Handing out Valentines!
Hudson's were so perfect for him!!!
I love how he wrote his friends' names:)
McKenzie's mom and I were in charge
of the party and it was awesome!!!
Hattie Belle
Precious Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We heart Mrs. Decker and Miss Whitehead!!!
These two are best buddies!
I love being his class's room mom!
So thankful for Mrs. Decker:)
The BEST of the BEST!!!!!!!!
I also ran up to see these cuties
in 4th grade!  They don't really get
a party anymore...just a little
Sweetest, most precious 4th grade
girl in the whole wide world!!!
Sister had adorable valentines, too!!!
Her teacher and class are 
FULL of LOVE and FUN!!!!!!!!
Cutie PIES!!!!
I heart this day!!!!!!!!!!

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