Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Walker's Basketball District Tournament

I love my favorite basketball player!!!
The 7th Grade A Team Tourney 
was a good one!  It started on Friday night.  
We ended that night freezing on the 
patio at Chuy's with our basketball friends!
Notice the three young ladies in 
the picture below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One had come to watch MY boy!!!
They were precious!!!!!!!!!
The boys did great!!!
We didn't have much time so we
ran next door for burgers. 
The girls came with us:)
Tatum, Walker, Will, Quinn, Tori
MMS 7th grade FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are all precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most adorable Little Sister Club!
With BIG HUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lined up and ready to play in the 
So glad their buds support them!
Huds has many big bros!!!
Tu Tu Funny
The BEST way to start a game!
Logan is the best extra big brother to Huds:)
It was a CRAZY, out of control
game!!!  This team was GOOD!
THE perfect way to end a game 
and a season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Out on the court (:
We were so glad that 
Grandmother could come...
She loves her Walker D.
and she loves BaSKeTBaLL!!!!!!!!!
And of course a few pictures
with the GiRLFRieND!!!!!!!!
Cute Couples!
Then what normally ensues with 
our crazy bunch..........
Tu Tu Funny!!!!!!!!!!
So thankful for all these kids
and their families!!!!!!!!!
It's like we ARE one BiG family!!!
So, so proud of this awesome team!
Fun 2016 season:)

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