Sunday, November 28, 2010

Church Pics

Children are a gift of the Lord.
Psalm 127:3
Walker (almost eight years old)
Hadlee (four years old)
Hudson (six months old)
This summer our church took pictures
of children to hang in the Sunday School
hallways. These are some that I took
with my camera that day.
I have many more to upload from
a disk and also some to scan from
a professional photo shoot.
I was SO happy with ALL the pictures!
Wonder which one might appear on our
Christmas card since I don't feel
much like taking more pictures for that?!? :(
These were all taken in July. My mother's favorite book as a child
was "The Secret Garden"...
I love it because she loved it.
This picture reminds me of that book...And, now, these pictures hang
in our church hallway...
I love them so. Baby Love even got his own! :)
I love my church and its members.
I love the value they place on our children.
My church has been so wonderful
to my family & me. :)))))))

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Blue Eyed Wonder

***Still trying to catch up on my blog...
Hudson is ten months old now and has changed so much!
Thank you for praying for Travis!

Six months was a FUN age...
especially for the Hudsy Puds! :)

LOVE. pure and simple.

At Hudson's six month check up he
weighed 19 pounds (75th percentile) and
he was 28 1/2 inches (90th percentile).
Dr. Graham was quite impressed with
his fact, he didn't believe Troy
that Hudson says "DaDa" all the time.
Before Dr. Graham left the room,
Hudson was saying "DaDa" non-stop!!!
He also says mamamamama!
Walker & Hudson are the BEST of Buds STILL!
It's so sweet. I find Hudson in Walker's
room all the time!
I could sit and stare at this kid all day long.
His baby blue eyes are like the Heavens to me!Hudson loves him some baby food!
All flavors pretty much!!! ;)His little love muffin smile is about the
sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life.Hudson LOVES to move about in his walker!
He can't wait to catch up
with big bro and big sis!!!He loves bath time and thinks he is
BIG stuff sitting up in the tub!
And he LOVES to play Peek-A-Boo!!! OR "Where's Hudson?" as we like to call it!
I could eat my Baby Love UP!!!
He's pure precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kyle Field

Down.Set.Hut. TOUCHDOWN!!!
Class of 2024?!?
Class of 2032?!?
I'm thankful I married into the Aggie family.
But I do still love my Baylor Bears! (:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summer Vacay ~ Part III

I love being away with my little family!!!
I am BLESSED with sweet,

beautiful, and.....................SiLLy, FuN kids!!!Our Beach Babe!!!

I also love being away with AMAZING friends!!!
Hudson was such a little trooper on the trip.
I used to wonder why people take babies to
the beach? Well, now I know...
sometimes you just gotta do it for your older kids!
Hudson was perfect!!!My handsome son from another mother...Hoodies at Palm Beach!!!My children want to be a Reed!!! ;)
Couldn't believe our eyes when the
Barkleys showed up for a day!!! This picture is for my husband,
RoRo & CoCo. ;)))))))
SLiP SLiP SliDin' aWay.............
Cracking UP because David has on a
"hoodie" tatoo on his arm! :)
That's just how the hoodies roll on vacay!!!

Our last night :(

The little trooper cried and cried on the way to dinner and at the beginning of dinner. He never cries??? Thank Goodness Elizabeth realized his toe was sticking out of the side of his little sandal! Bad, bad mommy!!! Broke my heart!After dinner, it was off to Build a Bear! No more little brown sandals for Baby Love!!!

Pierce Party of Five!!!
I have taken pictures by this frog
every year since Walker was three!
Daddy's Girl...
Mommy's Boys...
I really can't get enough of these three!!!
Ready for one last day of FuN ...................Thank you, Lord, for my three little loves!!!
They truly do love each other and
have so much fun together!
One last trip to the pool...
A vacay with the HOodieS was the BEST!!!
Can't WAIT to see where we go next summer! :)))))))))My sweet parents surprised us with my kids'
favorite cake...THREE of my mother's
delicious pumpkin spice cakes!
We had such a wonderful time traveling with
our friends, being somewhere we love
and SAVORING our first vacation
as a family of FIVE!