Monday, June 30, 2008

A Day in My Dress from God Mommy...

God Mommy ALWAYS sends the BEST gifts to Walker & Hadlee! Usually their REAL mommy (me!) can't wait for God Mommy's packages to arrive!!! The adorable dresses, headband & clips that God Mommy last sent did NOT disappoint! But even better, when I put the first dress with matching headband on Haddie Girl, it was like God Mommy's personality was INCLUDED! There is not another funner girl on this earth than my best friend (aka God Mommy)!!! Check out this darling number from H&M that God Mommy had Haddie Girl dancing on the table!!!

Hey God Mommy ~ I love you!!!

Walker even got in on the God Mommy type action:

On a side note, Hadlee LOVES her baby dolls & caring for them. This same day she found her bath tub from when she, herself, was a baby. I knew that she wanted to pretend to give her baby a bath. I thought 'why not?' I left Haddie in her room just bathing away her little doll baby. But when I came back, look who I found IN the tub...see, funny just like her God Mommy!!!

I would NEVER have dreamed that Haddie would embrace the headband the way she adorable. Thank you, God Mommy!!!

Be on the look out for a post all about God Mommy. Just like her gifts, she doesn't disappoint!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What Do Ya Do...

...when Daddy is out of town for the weekend?!? For starters, you turn off Daddy's alarm clock so everyone will sleep late (check!) & then you take your time getting ready to head to TOYS R US where your son finds VERY difficult to find new CARS for himself & his best buddies down the street! Then it's off to Chili's for lunch with your kiddos, mom, sister & nephew (new CARS are opened and are the perfect 'occupier' while above said son waits IMpatiently for his lunch!). You enjoy a D-lish lunch because you are a HUGE fan of chain restaurants such as Chili's (for real)! Then you head to Target for Haddie Girl's turn for a treat (new Dora DVD of course!). Now it's back home for a NAP.

Okay, Daddy's still out of town...what do you do next?!? Head to Dairy Queen ~ ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Then to PETCO (Walker's choice) where I assure him if he can find a FREE chocolate lab puppy that doesn't POOP, we will FOR SURE get it. Walk a little ways down, and it's Mommy choice: Old Navy where I find the perfect dress for vacation that matches my darling turquoise flip flops that match nothing. Who is left?!? Well, sweet Haddie Girl of course (the adorable $4.99 rain boots we found at Old Navy didn't count) so she (well, BUBBA in her honor) decides upon Books A Million for our final destination. Walker plays trains, Hadlee reads books and I meet a new friend. Finally, back home to play with some neighbors outside and then talk Hadlee into wearing a PRINCESS night gown for the first time (she is so faithful or rather obsessed with Dora so this is a good thing!).

It came with a magic could she turn that down?!?

And a shot of the Super Hero who helped me talk the Princess into the new gown...

When you can't have Daddy home on the weekend, thank Goodness for Toys R Us, Chili's, Target, PETCO, Old Navy, & Books A Million. This will surely teach Daddy not to leave us again on the weekend.

1. In Daddy's defense, he was out of town taking care of his grandma. You could search the whole world over and never find a better grandson than Troy.
2. This post would have been SO much better had I taken my camera with us all day!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I just love this quote! I have no idea why, but I'm always trying to sum up or figure out or come up with just how I want to raise my children ~ you know like in one sentence. Oddly enough while recently shopping on Etsy (awesome place by the way!) , I found exactly how I feel regarding my life and my children's lives. Here goes...

"Love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, live with gusto, and commit it all to God."

There was no author & unfortunately I can't find the exact site again...but WOW...I love love love that quote! I need to do more of all of the above...for my own sake & for my kids' sakes ~

Friday, June 27, 2008

FFF ~ Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin''s happening so fast! I love the summer weather, Walker with no shirt, Hadlee in her bikini, my hubby washing his truck, never blow drying my hair, sleeping late, and going out to lunch!!!

Since everyday has been summer lovin' so far, I had a hard time deciding what pics to use. We haven't been on vacation yet & I have already been posting most of my summer pics on previous posts. SOOOOO, I'm using our photos from yesterday (Thursday). I had two rambunctious little boys & one fun little girl trying to keep up...

The pics aren't the best ~ but you get the idea, this was
some summer lovin'...

Haddie Girl said 'enough' with those silly boys & went inside...

Of course Mommy followed suit, and this is how I found we had left
our kitchen table before going outside:

I hadn't even checked the FFF theme yet when I took this
pic. I just thought it was 'so' summer...left over McDonald's Happy
Meals, Mommy's sweet tea glass, two little boys' hats, & Haddie's baby doll...
Summer Lovin' is good, real good!

For more, check out!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More "Goings On" (With Giggles!)...

Well, to continue my post from is what Walker had done to his Lil' Sis while I was in the shower this morning!!! Yep, he pulled out his old Thomas the Train undies and Hadlee was thrilled to sport them in all sorts of ways!!!

I wish I could post the giggles that went along with this!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Goings On...

You just never know when I let the kids do things on their own. Take for instance when Walker told Hadlee he'd get her some yogurt. Look closely and check out the size of the spoon he chose for Lil' Sis ~ nothing like a serving spoon to eat your yogurt...

Also, recently Walker has started dressing Hadlee for bedtime in his old Thomas & CARS pj's. She loves this and I always can't wait for them to come out of his room. I laugh (& cry) when I see her sleeping because it reminds me of Walker when he was that age in those pj's...
Haddie Girl LOVES LOVES LOVES her Bubba & wants to do things like he does. These are Nike shirts that my nephews wore when they were little. Everyone in the family remembers these shirts and we all get a kick out of seeing Walker in them...and here, Hadlee, too!

And here is Walker at the MHS Arena at Logan's summer league basketball game. I think this will be such a cool picture IF we end up staying at this school for all of Walker's years...

And Miss Priss holding a baseball bat & a brush. I hope she's always this well-rounded...

Just some goings on in our lives right now that I want to remember!!!

Here's to great goings on
in your life!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Successful Swim Lessons ~ WAHOOOOOOO!!!

The water has never been Walker's favorite place by any means! This boy likes to be IN CONTROL and the water has never offered him that!!! He may look and act just like his Daddy, but not in this way. Unfortunately I think he must have picked this attribute up from me (the last time I took lessons was in the 4th grade & it was then that I overheard the teacher telling my mom I'd have to repeat that same class...Oh yes, she DIIIID).

Walker, though, did FANTASTIC in swimming lessons and he is actually WANTING to learn to BIG TIME! Thank Goodness for his best buddy Luke who is a great swimmer & took the lessons with us (nobody ever said ALL peer pressure is bad!!!).

Walker even went underwater a couple of times. The other night Troy asked him if he was going underwater and Walker said 'no'. Troy asked him why and his response was, "There's nothing under there so why go." I had to give him credit for making that good point.

Here are the boys on their last day...

It's funny because Walker & I took 'Mommy & Me' swim lessons when he was 10 months old. They are JUST NOW paying off! ha!!!

I am so proud of this boy...

Friday, June 20, 2008

FFF ~ Daddy & Me

Well, if you want to reeeeeeeeeeally know how I feel about the important men in my life, then scroll down to my Sunday, June 15th Father's Day post. That's where I told all!

For this post, I thought I'd share pics from Father's Day. Before I do, let me give a little background. Walker is five years old and all boy. One day at Academy he introduced me to UNDER ARMOUR clothing. He went crazy over this stuff and knew all about it. Troy did, too. It was NEW, new, NEW to me! From that day on, that's all Walker has wanted to wear. I've all the sudden noticed that's what lots of the boys - especially older ones - wear. (Unfortunately peer pressure starts YOUNG!). And the stuff is PRIIIIIICEY for little kid shirts?!? Nevertheless, Walker has been begging for Daddy to get in on the UNDER ARMOUR that's what Walker chose to get Troy for Father's Day! Here are pics from Sunday morning when we gave Daddy his matching shirt & hat. Keep in mind that Walker told me the shirt needed to be "the tighter the better"!!! I couldn't stop laughing, and Walker thought the shirt was JUST PERFECT...
The kids LOVE their Daddy ~ he is wonderful
(see the Father's Day post for the real scoop on him!)...
Then it was off to Academy to EXCHANGE the shirt for a bigger one. Low & behold, Hadlee and I found PINK Under Armour!!!
Couldn't leave my sweet Dad off of this post. We had dinner with him and my Mom for Father's Day at his favorite restaurant. I couldn't have a better Dad in all of this world (again see below post for more on W.H. Gibson!)... are pics from LAST year's Father's Day and then THIS year's. These photos are PRICELESS to me...not only do my boys look just alike, but they also act just alike (they love the song I chose for today's post, too!)! I love them with all of my heart & soul!!!
Hadlee & I are BOTH so very lucky to have these two in our lives. They hung the moon!!!

Here's to the amazing men in our lives!

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Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Caution ~ Little Hoodies at Play

We live in the BEST neighborhood! I love my Hoodies (my neighborhood friends). I found the transition from high school friends to college friends to single friends to married friends with no children all relatively easy. BUT when children came into the picture, suddenly there were a whole new set of standards & rules. I thought this transition was the toughest, but in my case ~ so worth the wait.

I can't even believe the friends I have found on my STREET...even right next door. It is a blessing beyond belief!!! I am literally surrounded by a group of women who put their husbands & children first ... plus have plenty of time for their HOODIES!!! And now we all have these Little Hoodies running around everywhere and wanting to play with each other ALL THE TIME!

All this brings me to last Thursday morning. My next door Hoodie and I both needed to run an errand (ALONE) so we did the 'ole kid swap. Funny thing is that both of us had another Hoodie's child over. The kids loved it and ended up playing back and forth all day long...

Little Miss Priss started the day off flirting with Dylan, her favorite guy next door...

She likes the younger boys quite well ~ especially
cute ones like Dylan...

Then the Little Miss decided she needed an older boy; in fact, Walker's best buddy ~ Luke! They hung out on her bed like two little high schoolers in love...

Which worked out perfectly because it gave Walker time to move in on these two Precious Princesses...

Blessings, Blessings Everywhere!!!