Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smiling, Walking, Hunting and Praying

 This smile lights up my life!  :)
A sweet Sunday in November....
Bubba Love was wearing Walker's
old shirt & pants.......
AND he was taking lots of steps!!!  :(
This was a big day for Walker, Troy and
This was their first trip to the deer lease!!! :(
Such a big boy going with Daddy to the deer
lease in his camo, old jeans, and camo bag! 

Walker had a blast & can't wait to go back!
Haddie and I were so happy when they
got back home...even if they did stink!!! ;)

One afternoon I picked Walker
up from a birthday party at the movie theater.
He couldn't wait to show me
what he bought with his money...
a Jesus necklace that made him think
about praying for Travis. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ten Months of Thankful

TEN thankful months with
my sweet little Baby Love Hudson...
LOVE him from the tip of his blond
little head to his ittle bitty toes! 
 This was his actual TEN month
birthday...on November 17, 2010  :)
He is sitting in the red rocker
that belonged to my dad when
he was a little boy! 
It is such a treasure to me...
 Hudson LOVES this rocker!
 To be honest, I wasn't really thankful about him
already taking steps at ten months old!  ;)
I'm thinking that my sweet little
surprise dumplin' might have a
million dollar smile! 
 I love him so....
all ten sweet months of him!

Friday, March 25, 2011

These Girls Get Me.......and Travis! :)

I used to pray for a group of my very own
best friends...and God answered my prayer
at the end of my freshman year at Baylor!
There are seven of us...
and we love each other with wild abandon!
BeST friends known as the Na Na's
came to see Travis!

My beloved Kimberly definitely gets the
award for farthest visitor!!!  She and her
precious family were home (to Houston)
from down under in Australia!
It made my heart so happy when she
told me that they
would be working in a trip to
 Austin to see Travis.
She KNOWS the love I have for him.
 Sweet L (Laura) hosted a perfect little dinner in 
honor of the Hyndmans on the first night.   
What else do I love?!?  PETIT NANA'S! 
Especially watching them
grow to love one another!  This was all in the
master plan from our college days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker & Jacob...two peas in a pod!  ;)
Sawyer & Hudson...two cuties! ;)
Lovers like their mommies!  :)
Hadlee & Claire
Chloe Bo!  My sweet little girl from
down under!  Miss her so much!!!!!!!!!! :(
Even if she didn't really want to stop
to take a pic with her favorite Auntie M!
The next day we all met for lunch before going
to Texas Neuro to see Travis. 
I had NO idea that they were all showing
up in Superman shirts.  Made my day! 
Sweet L & Walker had the same one
on...same size and everything!  ;)))
Two of the sweetest girls I've ever known...
This just does (and did) my heart so much good.
Of course Brandy and Kaye and
their petits were there in spirit! 
With this gang, there isn't one lost beat
in our steps when we get back together again...
even with us living ALL over the world!
God Mommy gets 2nd place on farthest visitor...
coming in from California!
These two KNEW I needed them in the flesh! 
I have the most beautiful friends. 
I'm sorry I keep bragging!  ;)
Wonder if these two will share a brain
like their mommies do?!? 
This looks like a birthday card that Kelli and I
would send to each other with a funny
phrase on the inside of the card! 
My little blue eyed blondie looks
good with his gorgeous God Mommy!
Ooops, my other beautiful blonde bestie
looks good with the Huds, too! 
These seven girls (even when some aren't
present, we pretend that they
everyone hears all the stories and you
forget which visits you've missed out on!)
have been INCREDIBLE to my family
and me.  BEYOND incredible actually.
I texted Kelli first thing on the morning
of the accident.  I felt her heart break
with mine even through a text.
I couldn't bear to talk to her yet...
she knows me way too well.
Same with Kimberly when I first heard
from her from Australia. 
Really with all of them.
 They have all been so supportive
and to my sister & even
having my house cleaned more than once!
(That's the sign of true friendship!!!) rock...reminding me
"there's not a spot where God is not".
Just so supportive and loving
especially talking to me those first days.
Kaye...generously giving to my family and
treating my sisters & me to a spa package!
Feeling and remembering and knowing my
love for Travis was like her love for
her brother who is the same age.
We always loved that bond!
Sweet L...there for anything & everything...
especially during our days in Austin.
No questions asked...whatever I needed.
Even going to check on and hang
out with Travis when Lynna
needed her. 
Brandy...heartfelt prayers and love
and support no matter what.
Kelli & Kimberly...well, they just knew...
 I couldn't have made it
 without them.  They get me.
Beyond amazing is 
all I can say.  Still to this day.
I love these girls with all of my heart
and soul.  They are heart friends.
After lunch we went to see and visit Travis!
I had needed to see Kelli so desperately. :(
Hudson...quit looking so cute with all
of my gorgeous blonde friends!
Superman shirts are hard to come
 by down under.
Sweet Chloe has one now! :)
Kimberly has some awesome friends
in Australia following and praying for Travis.
They even sent him Christmas cards!
LOVE it, Mateys!
just melt my heart!
This is how us Na Na's raise our girls...  ;)
BEST God Mommy in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
And finally...what the day was all about.
My beautiful and amazing friends supporting
and loving my Travis whom they had all
come to love and know while we were
in college.  This was mid-November when he
was in and out of wakefulness.  That day
he managed to give them a thumbs up! :)
He knew he was in the presence
of some HOT chicks there to love on him!
This day did my heart SUCH good...
I had needed these friends' actual hugs so much. 

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  John 15:12-13