Monday, March 30, 2009

We Got Our Hop On

I loved yesterday.
We made two cakes.
One for my friend. The other for us.
I divided everything so they could pour it
in EQUALLY (big thing around here now!).
Walker said, "Hadlee, we work like a team."
I'll be reminding him of that line soon, I'm sure.
They decorated the cake with a 2 & 6 for
their ages. Then we sang...
"Happy Easter to You." ...and even made wishes!
Finally we had about EIGHT
Easter Egg Hunts inside and outside!!!
Haddie Girl has her egg hunting groove
on this year. Just please leave the pink and
especially the hot pink eggs for her to find.
Trust me on this one!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walker's First School Program

Last Thursday was Walker's Kindergarten P.E.
Program & Spring Open House!

Who in the world was that chick with the
video camera, digital camera AND Flip
going at the same time?!?
(Couldn't possibly have been me!!!)
It was THE cutest program...
filled with a dance with motions,
their daily exercise routines, &
performing at all of their stations to fun music.
Walker was LOVIN' every second of it
and didn't miss a beat (in my eyes!)!!!

*I am flippin' crazy over my Flip right now...forgive me! This video is really for the TRULY devoted (my Mother-in-Law!). It's the first song the students cute!!!*
Little Miss Priss didn't miss a beat either
even with a double ear infection!!
Walker absolutely, wholeheartedly
LOVES his friends!One of Walker's very best buddies at school...
they are quite a pair!!!

Grandmother was quite impressed with the show...and being SUCH the grandmother that she is, her comment afterwards was "Walker was really the best one out there. And the cutest!" Gotta love an unbiased Grandmother!!!Then Walker was able to show us some of his work. He started by showing us his journal. He showed us every single page! I especially liked the "I like Haddie" page. ALMOST as much as the "I like Mommy" page.

This was a good one: "I like Matthew. He plays on my basketball team." Each page is illustrated & dated...they learn so, so much in kindergarten!!!

For the record, Daddy's favorite page in the journal was the "I like Daddy" page.
My journal would have an "I like Walker" page!!!It's nights like these that I just can't believe
I have a child in kindergarten and
one who is almost three.
(Troy, if you're reading...I think we need another.)I love how 'normal' my life is right now.
Going to open house to baseball to
Chickfila...and back home to make
sure Walker reads his AR book.
I am keenly aware of how quickly
our lives can become NOT normal at all.
In an instant, everything can change.
Reading about and praying for precious Stellan
and many others brings this perspective
to the forefront of my mind.
I treasure 'normal' with my little family!!!
Awesome job at your first PROGRAM,
Walker!!! I swear I think you were
the most excited kid at the school that night!
You truly have no idea how proud
you make your mommy and daddy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bubba Not Happy in the Bathtub

(Pause the music on my blog if you'd like to view...)

"You happy now?"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Would Do Such a Thing?!?

Who in the world would spray bath foam
on this little girl's hair?!?
Does this little guy look guilty?!?

I'm thinking I might know who the culprit is...

In fact, he was CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silly big brother!!!

Oh well, little sister actually LOVED it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potty Training a Princess

Well, I don't think that my ideas or
techniques on potty training will make
it into ANY child rearing books.
That's fine by me, we got 'er done...
just on our own sweet time.
Better yet, Haddie's own sweet time!
Much to my mother's dismay,
I don't fret over potty training.
In fact with Hadlee I didn't even
present it until she was 2 1/2.
With Walker it took about a week
three months before he turned three.
We camped out in the bathroom and
he knew when he got it down that
he would receive Cranky the Crane.
Simple as that! And it worked,
other than a few issues on down the
road with going #2, but that's a different
story. It's hard for a little boy to stop
and take the time to do that, ya know?
So, in January I showed Haddie
her prize...a Polly Pocket Pool.
She went for the first time and we all
celebrated like it was 1999!!!
She also took this celebrating to mean that
she got her prize...and oops, I fell for it!That little stint in January didn't quite
do the trick. We even tried pull-ups here and there,
but they just aren't my thing.
I never, ever used them on Walker.Of course Miss Priss required her own
babies to use the potty......and brush their teeth!Then in March, I gave it the old college try again.
Not was a one day attempt!
Little Miss Thing still wasn't too into this...
Until I mentioned a PRIZE!!!
More Polly Pockets!!!
Oops, Mommy did it again!
I fell for her one time potty use and
gave her the treat AGAIN!!!Don't tell, but even her sidekick was excited
over playing with water & the boy polly pocket!

This post may seem like this was some stressful times, but really it wasn't. These were all attempts here and there. I don't know why it never really bothered me that much. Remember, I still thought Little Miss was my last baby at the time...maybe that was it?!?
We were definitely always stocked with precious panties to her liking...Mermaid, Dora, Hannah Montana, Princess, etc. She fancied the panties and even wore them from time to time, but not really for real, ya know? It was actually as her third birthday really got near, that I decided to pull out the big guns. THE POTTY CHART!!! The prize this time...a trip to Build a Bear once she was completely potty trained for her AND big brother IF he helped me on this mission!!!
Not more of this silly potty training again!!! I knew all along that she knew exactly what was up and was just being stubborn, but what can ya do?!?
The potty chart was a big hit with Haddie and definitely the beginning of her real training. I would constantly remind her of the Build-a-Bear prize. One day I said, "Haddie where do we get to go once you wear panties all the time?" She said so excitedly, "TARGET!" I then replied, "NO, silly, we go there everyday!"
Going to tell Daddy about her chart...Captain Underpants was very helpful and supportive!!!We still haven't made it to Build-a-Bear for the official PRIZE trip. The Princess IS potty trained and has been for quite a while now. She has forgotten about the PRIZE trip although Big Brother has NOT!!! Don't worry, we've been to Build-a-Bear for plenty of other things!

Now, we just enjoy a whole lot of this...
Stay tuned for "Potty Training a Prince" in about three years!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You

How adorable is this bunny froo froo
shirt that Lindsay made for Haddie Girl?
We Lindsay and Bowen!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walker's Facts About Texas

Walker's kindergarten class recently
spent a week studying Texas.

I asked him on the way home from school one
day who the father of Texas was.
He said, "Stephen F. Honest"
('s Stephen F. 'Austin').

Then I asked him what the capital of Texas is?
His answer:
Boston ('s Austin).

*Note to self*
Check with school nurse as to when hearing
tests will be conducted.

He did know the state flower of Texas:
The Bluebonnet.
That made me think of these pictures...
During the same week, the class
had to make LONGHORNS.
As most of you know, Troy went to Texas A&M.
He and Walker are not fans of the
Texas Longhorns.
Walker was NOT happy about this project
and would not take a picture with it
(or allow jokes about it!).
Guess that's what happens when you
become an Aggie this early...