Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Ben10 and Strawberry Shortcake
had a SPOokTaCULar Halloween!!!
I have a week's worth of posts about our
festivities from the week & weekend coming up.
We like to live it up Halloweenie style!!!

Hadlee Halloween Fashion Show 2009

Haddie LOVES to talk about "fashion shows"
in her cute little, quiet voice!
It never fails when we have visitors,
she'll say she wants to put on a fashion
show. I have to help her put on her
high heel wedges and play her favorite
Kidz Bop CD. It also never fails,
that she gets bashful and all of the
sudden will NOT do the fashion show!!!

Haddie LOVES her some orange
and I love her some Halloween outfits...
so this, in her sweet honor, shall be her
Halloween Fashion Show 2009!!!

"Mummy's Girl" (I bought this size 4T shirt at Target when Hadlee was ONE! It was like 90% off and the only one they had left...I think it was 49 cents!!!)

Of course we didn't forget the adorable
candy corn clippies that Lindsay made
her last year...MONSTER HADLEE...

Here Kitty Kitty!

BOO-tiful...WHO loves this baby girl?!?WHO? WHO? Mommy do!!!Every once and awhile we have a
handsome male model join our fashion show...Usually the male model gets out of hand!!!And for the grand finale of the
Hadlee McCall Halloween Fashion Show 2009...
some precious punkins!!!

Punkin Pie Haddie...Mommy loves you so much! I love dressing you and shopping for you and spending every last second I can with you & your brother. You are my pumpkin delight in so many, many ways! Here's to many more fashion shows!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Little Pumpkin of Mine...

I'm going to let it SHOW!

Can you guess what this is?!?

Baby Love wanted a Halloween costume!!! He's been in my tummy for 28 weeks and wants to have some fun, too!
The last time this belly was painted, Hadlee was in my was an Easter egg back then!Too bad I didn't know my Sweet Hoodie/Best Friend Robin back in the day when I carried Walker Love...Here she talented, sweet, beautiful friend Robin!!! And painter extraordinaire!!! She was so sweet to do this yet again to my big belly of boy! You should have heard our giggles!Hadlee had a pumpkin on her belly, too!!!

I wonder if my BABY Punkin' will be as WILD as my BIG Punkin'...OR as sweet as these two little punkins...OR downright LOVABLE like all five of these little punkins...

Thank you, Sweet Robin, for yet another wonderfu memory. I never doubt your love for my family and me. I am one lucky, better yet BLESSED, girl to have a friend like you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

She's a Play-ya!

My sweet little three year old has
recently learned to play games!
Walker is a BIG time game play-ya, but
I can't give him the credit for teaching
Miss Priss. The lady that Hadlee stays with
in the morning, Mrs. Janice, has
actually taught her...and taught her well!!!

I am going to write about
Mrs. Janice soon ~ I'm a little emotional
over her...she is one of the very best
things to ever happen to my little girl
and of course that means to me, too!

Hadlee's current games are Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Candy Land, Uno, Princess Memory, and most recently Go Fish & Connect Four! She really, really can play these games!!!Troy & I are amazed because she is a much different player than our Mr. Competitive Walker Man!!! He must win and he's been known to openly cheat. I'm just sayin'!!!

On the other hand, this little thing is delightful to play games with...she gets so excited for you to win or get a match! And so sad, when you get spilled bucket!!!

I just love that they can play games together now. Star Wars figurines don't seem to interest Haddie much and Polly Pockets certainly don't interest Walker!!!

Before one game is over, Hadlee is already planning the next one we will play. It's too cute. I can hear her, Walker & Daddy in the living room playing Go Fish right now as I write this. Priceless.

Walker is really, much to my dismay, growing up and I'm finding him having friends over to play or being at friend's houses a lot ~ plus he's at school all day long (I still miss him in the afternoons!). These times give me sweet moments with my little Princess. I just have to say it again...she's delightful!

I love our lunch dates everyday & also a dinner date like this while Walker was at a camping birthday party two Friday nights ago (and Daddy was at the deer lease)...Guess what we did all night long?!?

First I beat her in Hi Ho Cherry-O!

But she can't be beat at Memory...I'm serious!!!And of course, Candy Land is a favorite of both of ours!I love my little game play-ya!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Go, Girl!

If anyone could pull off tights with nothing
over them, I knew it was my BOOlicious
little girl!!! Horizontal stripes no less!
Of course the Halloween panties
underneath give it that extra flair...
And a naaaaaaaaaaaaaaked big brother
running through the house always
helps any situation!!!
Hope you've had a
BOOOOO-tiful weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crazy Socks, Crazy Love

It was crazy sock day at Walker's school
and that meant that Haddie Girl
wanted to participate, too!

I L0VE their enthusiasm!!!
I wish, hope and pray that they would
never, ever lose it! Oh, how I wish that!

I recently received an e-mail from a dear friend describing her brother's amazing wedding. There was a quote in it that I absolutely love...

In describing the couple she said they will "love well because they have been well loved"!


I pray that my children will always love well. I am doing my very best to love them well!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkins Everywhere

We love orange & we love pumpkins...
We also LOVE this dress that Mamaw made
for Haddie last Halloween...
Sweetest punkin' I ever knew...

How about THIS pumpkin...?

And do you like my shirt, too?!?

Lovin' my BOY pumpkinS and my little GIRL pumpkin!!!

*My Big Boy Pumpkin refuses to sport pumpkin shirts these days! Imagine that!!!*