Sunday, April 29, 2012

School Easter Parties

Easter Teacher Treats:)
Teacher Friend Treats, too!:)

But best of all is getting
to go see my sweet girl at
school for her Easter party!!!
Cutest Chick I know!!!!!!!!
Precious Pie gazing at Cannon;)
Such cutie pies in Kindergarden!!!!!!!
Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin....
Go Haddie Girl!!!
Cannon Ball & Haddie Cakes
Girl Power!
Taylor, Hadlee, Caroline
Emily & Maddy, too! 
I couldn't love this sweet, sassy,
 sensitive, silly girl more!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has blossomed so much
this year in kindergarden!
Love her curls so much, too!:)
I keep laughing when I look at these pictures
over her white leggings.  She wore
 them because it was a little cool that
morning.  They were supposed to come
down to right below her knee...
but she wanted them pulled all the way down!
Rachel, Emily, Hannah, Haddie, Laura,
Taylor, Dylan, Maddy, Caroline....

Then it was back to the class for
more Easter fun!  :)
Sweet Friend, Emily:)
Walker's third grade class
didn't get to have a "party" but they
got to have treats and such...
just no parents (but since I
delivered the stuff, I got to have
a quick visit in there!!!)
Walker & "B" (Braden!)
LOVE me some handsome
and cool and sweet third grade guys!!!
My South Bosque Thunder Cubs;)
I am so thankful for the Carr boys
and the Carr parents!!!!!!
SO sweet MUcH!
And this guy?!?
He's wild and crazy.............
AND he makes me the happiest
mama in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a wonderful description of Easter
from Beth Moore's James study...

"The power of the resurrection
means that nothing
but the tomb is meant to be empty."

May my children ALWAYS know the
one and ONLY who can fill their empty heart!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phillies Spring Baseball

Walker is playing in the Majors this season.
We were fortunate enough to be back 
on the Millers team again:)
They have become such dear friends to us
AND they have an AWESOME baseball
field ON their property!
Troy calls it the "Field of Dreams"...
Hadlee & Hudson love to go to practice
because there is a fun playground out there, too!
I love to go and visit with my friend, Kristi...
we've even become shopping buddies:)
I love watching my boys enjoy baseball...
 This is my favorite Phillie before
his first game of the season...
Did I mention that Walker has a 
REALLY cute coach this season?!?
This little guy just gets to me...
This picture was during our first
game...Walker's first AT BAT.
His good friend, Ryan Davis,
 that he has known since his second
year of Pre-K is pitching to him.
Ryan is an AWESOME pitcher!
In fact, he struck my little man out 
and eight other batters in a row!!! ;(
(Walker looked like a STUD though and
I tried to tell him that's what really matters!)
How about this cute Phillies fan?!?
Thankfully, Walker got an awesome
hit his next time up to bat!!! 
Mr. Casey & Landry (Walker's brother from
another mother) came to watch! :)

 I love LOVE love 
 this adorable couple...
This team was REALLY really good
and we got beat baaaaaaaaaad;(
BUT Walker did make it around to third once! ;)
It is so cute (and nerve racking watching
these boys steal bases!!!)
Hudson really does think he is on the team!!!
See Huds down in the middle!  ha!
We may have lost, but that didn't hinder
our fun!!!  We all went to eat afterwards!
Even a player from the opposing team
who was on our team last year came with us!  :)
We may not be any good, but we are FUN!!!
Then it was BACK to the field of dreams
for a lot more practice!!!!!!  ;)

Coach Miller had to be out of town for
our second game so it was all on
Coach Pierce:)  He did great at it,
but we still lost!  ha!  ;(
This little guy would give anything
to suit up and help out the team!!!!!!
Broughton Brats;) bothering Uncle Wendell!
 It was such a surprise because
Uncle G was in town and got to come
to Walker's game!!!!! :)
 Superman was also in de house!!!!!!!
 Come on, Travis.........
we can do better smiles when with La Tante;)
It doesn't matter if the Phillies are
winning or losing, my favorite
one is having fun and improving
and amazing his mama all the time!!!
I love his drive and his passion
and his heart so much!