Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bonus Baby

What a sweet bonus this little
guy is in our lives!!!
Hudson is such a happy baby boy!
He is really smiling a lot and
starting to giggle!!! HOLD ME!
I think he's pretty, too...
but don't tell Walker that!
Hudson still LOVES his mobile ~
especially that football!He will lay in his crib for the longest time
smiling and kicking like crazy!Hudson LOVES his Daddy.
T-daddy is almost always guaranteed a smile!
The sweet little thing just loves for
someone to talk to him...

I can't get over what a kick he gets out of his mobile!!!

I think he is going to be such a fun little thing...he really already is! He likes to eat, play, smile and then sleep. For the most part, he sleeps all night, too! I'm one happy mama!

He is thinking..."Oh no, here comes that mommy kissing on me again!"
"Enough MOM!!!"I admit it...I am head over heels in LOVE. I can't get enough of this little guy and his sweet cheeks! And yes, sometimes we secretly play dress up in his room when nobody is paying us any attention! Daddy and Walker might not approve of this picture series...

Are you kidding me?!? LOVE BUG!!!

I think Hudson thought it was funny at first...but then he realized that mommy was laughing a little too much at him!!! God Mommy told me that she needed to "squeeze him, dip him in ranch and take a bite"!!! He is quite yummy!Guess what he caught sight of?!? His football!!! Walker was getting ready for baseball practice and I came in the room to find Hudson wearing Walker's nike pants! ha! Walker is CRAZY over his Mini-Me!Then there is Puddin' Pie with her Hudsy Pudsy! They are too cute together!!!I was saying, "Hudson, where's your smile?"It just wasn't sister thought she would help!!!I look at Hudson all the time and say...

"I'm so glad I have you."

It's just the truth. He's some kind of wonderful.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CoCo's with CoCo

We had SO much fun with CoCo and Company
last week at our new CoCo's!!!

Obviously Walker was having a
REALLY good time with all the pretty ladies!!! ALSO obviously...CoCo is quite LOVED
and quite FUN!!! She is the best mommy,
aunt, and friend/mommy to my kids!
THE BEST!!!THEN, over the weekend,
we just couldn't stop lovin' us some more
CoCo and Kate Kate!!! If I could, I'd keep this little girl with me for always! Guess I'll just have to settle on her as my Daughter-in-Law!!!
Kelli is my longest, dearest, best friend.
I think we pretty much know everything
about each other...our families, growing up,
school, getting married, having kids...
just "doing life" together.
We really laugh A LOT together and
I love that about us.
CoCo is one in a million and I love to
celebrate life with her!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I felt extra LUCKY
on St. Patrick's Day this year!!!

Lucky in Laughs

Lucky in Smiles
Lucky Ducks
Lucky Days
Lucky that my son finally
learned to tie his shoe!!!
Lucky with Sweet Friends
Lucky in Fun
Lucky in SWEET Moments
Lucky in Love
What was I saying?
I feel extra lucky