Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Logan's 18th Birthday!!!

A certain, VERY special, and
very handsome student of mine
celebrated his 18th birthday
on January 22nd!!!!!!!!
I do not usually make a cake for my 
students on their birthday, but
when my student is also my 
nephew...we CELEBRATE!!!:)
And the whole class gets to benefit!!!
I absolutely love having Logan in my 
senior English class.  He is such a 
great kid!  He truly is!!!  And I'm not
just saying that because I'm his aunt.
He is SO smart, hardworking,
friendly and fun.  I love him!!!
That night we celebrated as a family:)
Logan requested Grandmother's
famous chocolate cake!!!
Big kid at heart:)
How cute are they?!?
Missing Macy at Texas State though:(
Singing to our Birthday Boy!!!
I'm praying his wish comes true!!!
My kids absolutely adore Logolo!!!
We had so much fun celebrating
this good lookin' 18 year old!!!
And one without the photo bombing Walker D...
Logan and his best friend, Chris...
Troy was out of town and Hunter had to work :(
But we managed to have lots of FUN:)))
Logan has SUCH a great smile!
And a kind, sensitive heart to go with it:)
Walker is such a combination of
Travis and Logan.  I love that!!!
Hadlee just worships Logan...he's so
sweet with her.  And, well, Logan
thinks Hudson hung the moon!:)
I can't believe this is the little baby
boy who my sister let me DRIVE
in my car in his little infant seat
down to Baylor to my house
(the Green Hizow) to show him off
to all of my friends. 
Also the tiny little baby who was so sick with
the whooping cough when he was three
weeks old and had to be in the hospital
for weeks:(  He's grown up to be such 
a fine, young man.  I couldn't love him more!
None of us could be more proud 
of our Logan!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan's T-Pa (Terry's dad) passed away the
day after his birthday:( These were such
horrible and sad days for them.  I am so
thankful that we stopped to celebrate
our Logan.  He deserves MUCH celebration!!!
Happy 18th Birthday, Logolo!
"I thank my God every
time I remember you."
Philippians 1:3

Monday, February 25, 2013

Delightful :)

My dad has always said I'm the apple
of his eye.  I know exactly what he means now:)
This little girl happens to be the apple
of not only my eye, but also her daddy's!
AND her PaPa's.  AND Wendell's.
And even others:)
She's a special little girl
and we love her so much. 
All of the sudden in the last couple of
weeks, she has really been into her hair.
As in wanting me to straighten it,
put it in pig tails, a low side pony tail
or braids.  She's so precious:)
EXCEPT for the other day when she
mentioned a game she was playing outside
at recess with her friends.
I asked what it was called?
"Chasing Boys"
Oh noooooo she diiiiiiiient say that!
"You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you'll stay in my heart..."
Stevie Wonder

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hudson's 3rd Birthday PARTY!!!

SO excited to celebrate the
"Neighborhood Friendly Spiderman"
for his THIRD birthday!!!
Look who was in full character;)
Mommy loves a theme!  :)
Not two, Bubba!!!
Pretty much every day of the week
Hudson wears a Spiderman costume.
All of the sudden on the morning of
his actual party, he informed he was
not wearing his "coootume"  :(
...UNTIL Bryce arrived in his
black Spiderman costume!!!
More SuperHeroes...
Dylan & Brady!
Love this Spiderman SOOOOO much!
Spidey loves Grandmother!!!
Some of Spidey's greatest loves...
Janice & Adrienne!
Spiderman protecting "Marwee Jane" (Mary Jane)
Time for Gifts!!!
Silly Spider Girl!  :)
She wasn't the only one! ;)
Barkley Loves!
Then it was time for CaKE! 
I cracked up when I noticed Walker
setting up his Flip AND tripod!!!!!!!
At this point, Hudson was way more
into his new toys than his cake!
Why I let him open presents first, I don't know!!!
Singing HaPpY BiRThDay to the
sweetest Spiderman in the world!!!
This little love is my heart!!!
Make a wish, Sweet Boy!
Now, back to his new toys!!!
We crack up ALL the time because Hudson
likes to call me Mary Jane (Peter Parker's
girlfriend in the movie).  He loves to
give his Marweee Jane kisses;)
He is perfect to me:)
Daddy wanted a kiss, too!  
Beautiful RoRo knows the way
to Spiderman's heart!!!  
GORGEOUS "house party"!!!!!!
Hudson loves Mr. Casey:)
Logolo Lovin!!!!!!!!!!
Time for the Pinata!!!!!!!!
Big Huds was up first...
Spidey found CaNdY!!!!
THEN a special guest arrived...
Spiderman Himself!!!
I like kissing my Spidey much
 better than this one!  ;)
Okay, so maybe it was actually the pinata!
But boy did we have fun with him:)
He was a BIG hit!!!
And to think...I had worried about having
enough "entertainment" at the party!  
I had even complained about an empty
pinata costing $18!  Best money I ever spent!  ;)
Elizabeth felt left out that she
had not had her picture with Spiderman!
OUR real Spidey didn't like the
new Spiderman much at all!  ;)
Spiderman Hudson WINS!!! :)
Spiderman was SO hitting on Macy!!!
My favorite;)
Our neighborhood friendly Spiderman
is blessed with SUCH sweet friends...
...and FAMILY:)
Trey and Abby left the party before
"Spiderman" showed up so he
had to make a special trip down the street...
Even George wanted his picture with Spiderman;)
Patsy, too!!!
Then it was off to Walker's basketball
game.  Poor Spidey was tired! 
It was SUCH a special day
celebrating the most special
Spiderman in the WORLD!!!
We couldn't love him more:)
Peace out, Hudson...
We LOVE celebrating YOU!!!
Can't wait to see what your THIRD year
blessing our lives brings!!!
You are nothing but pure love
and joy.  Your imagination is
something to behold! :)
Can't EVEN imagine life without
the best neighborhood friendly
Spiderman there EVER was!!!

"This is the LORD's doing,
and it is wonderful to see."
Psalm 118:23