Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First 7th Grade Football Game

The anticipation leading up to finding
out which football team was bigger
for Mom and Dad than Walker!  LOL!
He felt pretty confident where he 
stood but since we had not seen him
play in 7th grade, we didn't know.
Of course it didn't matter which team,
but we still wanted to know.

He made the Red A Team!!!
I loved his answer...
"Red All Day"!!!
Scrimmaging Midway Blue  :)
My boy looked so big to me out there!!!
Go Midway!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson and Hank!  LOL!
The first scrimmage was FUN
especially with all the little sisters there:)
before the boys got divided into teams!
It looked like an awesome
first scrimmage to me:)
Two of my faves coming off the field...
They are so handsome!
Walker was #16 in his 
practice jersey...
Walker texted me this on his 
first Game Day from class:)
He now had his official game jersey ~
#80 just like his Daddy was in high school!
Red's first official game was HOME!
That's Zach, Walker and Peyton lined
up on the left for the kick off team!!!
Let's Go, Boys!!!!!!!!!!
Walker was on the Kick Off Team, Punt
Return, and Starting Defense as the Safety.
#80 has my heart!
Grandmother, PaPa, Lynna and 
Travis came to support our boy!
The team we played had this one
kid who was AMAZING!
Like crazy good, scored every one
of their touch downs.
It was THE longest game in the history
of Midway 7th grade football!!!
We thought it was never going to end!
It went on and on and on
and Hudson was not feeling good!
Plus we were losing our first game!
All because of that one crazy good player!!!
We almost came back for the "W"
but still fell short.  Both teams
played really well!  
So excited for this season!!!!!!!!!
LOVED this text from Kelli G
one morning when she and her girls
drove by morning practice!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

An E-mail from Walker's Teacher...

Getting an e-mail like this beats making
the A-Team, the honor roll, whatever.
This, right here, 
 could not make me more proud.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016


After MUCH thought, deliberation & prayer,
we decided to let Walker try out 
for a select baseball team for the fall.
We knew that the competition level
in little league was about to drop
considerably and that if Walker
wants to try to play baseball in high school,
that we needed to bite the bullet and 
give him a chance at select.
The competition is FIERCE
and tryouts were tough for
Walker since he hasn't ever played
select before...and then
 with having to wait to 
find out if he made the team!
Walker chose STORM
and it's the only team he wanted 
to try out we had a lot
riding on these tryouts!!!
Troy and I were so pumped 
when the coaches finally 
posted the roster!!!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO proud of this boy!!!
He worked really hard to make this
team and now he's gotta work
even harder!  I think it's awesome
and even moreso I think
this kid is awesome!!! :)
Go STORM!!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

First Midway Home Game

A teacher friend sent me this
during the day!  Loved it...
Betsy Grace, Hadlee, Huds, Mrs. Burns

Go Midway! 
Midway has started a new program
called the "Panther Pack" for 
kids in elementary.  They can 
join and run out before the players
at every home game.  
Huds was SO pumped over this!!!
My two favorite Panther Pack members!
Brandy's sweet precious angels...
with my sweet precious angel:)
Huds is so obsessed with the football
players ~ recording their every move
on his little iTouch!
Hadlee loves taking care of little ones:)
We had such a fun night!
My Faves...
Finally I see my boy...
he's all about the middle school section!
Look at him and Kate:)
Funny Photo Bombing Dads;)
My Favorite Midway Panthers!!!
Supporting Jake!!!
This kid is ready to play...