Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Walker's 13th BIRTHday!

THiRTeeN years old.
My baby boy.
The kid who made me a mother...
hard to believe that was 13 years ago.
Time truly has flown.
That's no joke when people say that!!!
My "TEENAGER" told me that
I was not allowed to text him 
with more than one question at 
a time;)  In honor of his birthday,
this is what I sent him...
He didn't think it was funny 
as his Mama did!  ;)
So handsome and big!!!!!!!!!
And silly as EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't love this teenager more.  
He truly is a good kid (so far!)...
And so funny, too!!!  ;)
We love celebrating our BIG BOY!!!
XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!

That night we went to eat 
with our family to celebrate the
teenager we ALL love so much!
He might be about my height now...
but he will always be my first baby boy.  
He truly is my heart.  
Best Big Brother EVER.
Such a HAPPY day!!!!!!!!!!
I hope his wishes come true!
Daddy's Boy!
I LOVE their relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a blast being together with
 everyone in honor of our Walker D!!!!!!
The Pierce Party of Five
would be nothing without 
our Walker!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, how could this be?
It was just yesterday that Troy and I 
walked Walker down the hall to
his kindergarten class.  
Now he is getting up and leaving our
house at 6:15 in the morning for 
7th grade football practice???
Somebody better hold me!!!
To me, this kid hung the moon!
He's reserved, driven, independent,
fun, handsome, respectful, funny, 
and most of all, nice.  
He's such a nice, kind hearted kid
so far!!!  I'm very proud of the 
young man he's becoming and 
pray he continues on this path.  
I don't think there's a more 
important job than raising a 
Godly young man ...
and I'm praying through this
every single day ...
sometimes minute by minute, 
mistake by mistake.  
Of all the young men
for the Good Lord to bless me with,
I'm so thankful it's this one.
I couldn't be more proud or honored
to be "Walker's Mom"!
Happy Birthday to my TeeNAGER!!!
I love him so much.

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