Thursday, February 4, 2016

Meet the Teacher(S)

Hudson on the phone with Mrs. Decker!
She called to tell him that she
would be his teacher!!!
Ready to go to ...
Meet the Teacher:)
He specifically wanted to wear
his Aggie jersey for Mrs. Decker!
And then there's my FOURTH grader!
Cutest little girl in the world!!!
How is she already in the 4th grade? :(

Miss Mac will have both of my 
babies in PE now!!!
Hudson's spot in KINDERGARTEN!
SO thankful to have Mrs. Decker.
Walker had the wonderful Mrs. Henschel 
who moved and then
 Hadlee had Mrs. Decker.
She's absolutely AMAZING!
The BEST of the BEST :)
Mr. Carr got a hold of Haddie! ;)
Our fave couple:)
Handsome Big Brothers!
Thank you, Lord.....
that Hadlee gets to have my dear,
amazing friend for her 4th grade
homeroom teacher.
God is Good!!!
OH this little girl ~ I am so proud of her!
LOVE that Walker had Mrs. Cates, too!!!
Hopefully someday Hudson will have her, too!
Gifts from the two kids with parents
threatening to wrap her house;)
Hadlee has the incredible
Mrs. Wellborn for math!!!
Love this lady!!!
And another repeat for the family
 ~ Mrs. Bell had Walker AND Hunter
for science!
She's fabulous:)
Playing at South Bosque ~ we are so 
thankful for this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My BiG Kindergartener!!!!!
My heart is FuLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course the middle school doesn't 
have Meet the Teacher night ...
BUT we managed to visit 
with a couple of Walker's upcoming 
teachers when we dropped off school supplies!
BOTH of these teachers are VERY,
VERY special to me.

First of all, Mrs. Rhoden...
she was my sixth grade science teacher.
She was pregnant the year I had her.
Now she has Walker for Pre-AP Science!!!:)
Mrs. Owen was my FIRST grade
teacher.  It was her first year to teach
and she was SO VERY special to my 
family.  We came to LOVE her.
Kelli G and I used to go home with 
her after school!!!  NOW, she has
Kate and Walker in her Pre-AP
English class!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am beyond thankful for the people
who have taken care of my children
and for their teachers ~ a lot of what
they do is MUCH more than teach!  

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