Tuesday, February 9, 2016

7th Grade is Here!!!

I still can't believe this.
7th Grade for my Walker D.  
Middle School Registration Day
Glad he has some awesome 8th grade buds!
So big and handsome...
Brother is in the SEVENTH GRADE!!!!!
Walker is attending Middle School
in the actual building where I 
attended High School...
Walker will now eat lunch in the 
same commons area where I ate
lunch through my high school years!
Soon enough this crazy little cutie will, too;)
Pre-AP English, Pre-AP Science
and Pre-AP Pre-Algebra...
we insisted he start out middle school
without one of his core classes being 
Pre-AP (History)!  Plus athletics, choir
and study hall!  God bless this boy!
AND a football schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't get enough of my 
7th grader on his first day of 
Middle School.  
It was as huge if not bigger
than my little one starting Kindergarten!
Walker wasn't as into Mama
taking pictures..... ;)
But he came around
because he's still the sweetest, most
kind hearted kid I know!
PLUS he's a mess!  
I couldn't love him more!
He's always up to something!
My first baby love!!!!!
Who is growing up WAY TOO FAST!
On a side note, my best
friend was also taking the same pictures
at her house of her baby girl
who was born nine days after Walker.
They are still destined 
to fall in love...
at just the right time;)
Here We Go, Midway Middle School!
I'm so thankful that God
has trusted me with this 
fine young man.  

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