Monday, February 1, 2016

Summer Takes

These are the days....
Hanging with the Hawkins:)
Almost 13.
This cool.  
This will be the summer that goes
down as my last child learning to swim.
It was like overnight that this kid
put his head under the water
and then took off.
We barely saw him above water
after this day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Macy Love.
I volunteered to handle three 
Stars of Hope for the Cattle Baron's Ball
this summer!  Such an honor
to do it for these three amazing people.  
I spray painted this table and chairs
for my parents back patio
AND covered the seat cushions.
It turned out SO CUTE!!!
Hadlee's third grade class on TV
saying the Pledge of Allegiance!
My Croc Hunter!  Doing the WHiP!!!!!
Sister loves to paint her nails!
LOVE seeing this girl.............
It's like I have a bonus daughter:)
My sweet, beautiful little girl...
These two are full of...
 Laughter and Giggles:)))
Adorbs Overalls!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't trade these days for ANY thing.  

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