Sunday, February 7, 2016

First Day of School 2015

Twas the night before the first day of school,
and three lunch boxes were packed and ready!
7th Grade, 4th Grade, Kindergarten
Three big, pivotal years!!!!!!!!
Middle School ~ 7th Grade
My Heart.  
4th Grade ~ her last year at 
South Bosque Elementary
Cute and sweet as can be!
Especially in her new dress 
from Grandmother & PaPa!
My baby boy.
He was wearing the exact shirt
and shorts that Walker wore on
his first day of Kindergarten!
He is PURE LOVE.  
Mrs. Ayers took these three handsome
young men to Midway Middle School
on the first day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here we go ~ two again at South Bosque!!!!!!!
Sweet Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To the 4th grade hall!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds was set with these two loving 
him on his first day of school!!!
Gorgeous and Sweet Mrs. Cates!!!
Yay for the beautiful and wonderful
Mrs. Decker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless this little angel boy.  
My poor little man LOST it 
as we were about to leave. 
He just couldn't hold it in and 
the tears wouldn't stop.
It broke my ever lovin' heart :(
Thankfully a couple of very sweet
and dear friends sent me pictures of 
a Happy Hudson enjoying his first day!:)
Mrs. Decker even took the time
to e-mail me!!!  God bless her:)
This picture that was sent to me
is just priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay for the first day of Kindergarten
in this awesome class!!!!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile Mom was having her
first day of school, too!!!!
This begins my 18th year of teaching:)
and my friendships at school
have never been better!!!!!!!!
I adore my team and hall!
We have interns, too!!!!!!!!!
A picture of Lily for Mrs. Cates!
LOVE that we have each others'
sweet girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And of course with my Haley Girl!
Going to miss her actually being
in my class every day!
A picture from Mrs. Decker
at the end of the day for my boy!!!
He had an awesome first day!!!!!!!!!!!
So did my sweet, precious girl!
They wanted to play "school" after school!  ha!
I thought they would be tired!  
No such luck;)
Jeff picked up these three guys!
Walker had an AWESOME first
day of middle school!!!!!!!!!
I laughed because he had 
everything laid out that needed
to be signed as soon as I walked
in the door!  Little Troy;)
We had to go out to eat
to celebrate an awesome first day!
So thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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