Thursday, July 12, 2018

Haddie & Friends in 5th Grade :)

SWEET, precious girls 
developing strong friendships..........
Hadlee, Amanda, Ann Marie, Betsy Grace, Lucy
Celebrating Ann Marie's Birthday!!!
Moms who are CLOSE, DEAR friends is 
SUCH an added, special bonus!!!!!❤
Friends always up for fun!
Friends at, from and through school!!!!
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Friends from Baseball Brothers!
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Dance friends are some of the 
BEST friends for sure!
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Baseball Buddies!!!!!!!!!
While I'm mom first and foremost,
I'd also have to admit that Hadlee is
my sweetest best friend EVER❤
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Walker & Friends in 8th Grade

Walker has an awesome group of friends.
I LOVE watching them grow and develop.  
It's such a great group of kiddos
with awesome families...and I
truly think that makes a HUGE difference.
I don't get pics of everything like
I would like to...because that's so 
not cool and I drive them crazy enough
trying;) Regardless, I am thankful and watching
girls be added into the mix has been
fun and interesting to watch, too!!!! 
I think Walker is a great friend
to ALL and that makes me so proud!
Celebrating Lanna & Jaden's
birthday at Jaden's country house.....  
Field Trip FUN!
Hanging with Glenn at 
their little brothers' game!
Gorgeous girls liking my boy;)
I mean, her profile pic...MY boy❤
And of course the brotherhood 
in baseball is unlike any other!
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