Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dance Competition at Midway 2017

Dance Competition #1 Day!!!
After her breakfast of champions, 
we arrived at Midway!!!
So fun for the competition to be 
at home!!!!!!!!!!
Sister is NOT into the makeup 
(and neither is her daddy!)
but she looked so pretty!!!!

They ROCKED their POM routine!!!
Daddy LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love these two!!!!
My Fave Four❤
Dancers' Bond❤
They NAILED it!!!
Hadlee was awesome:)
I am amazed at how much Hadlee
loves dance!  It is her thing!!!
She absolutely SHINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED watching this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson found Macy!!!
Proud of our GIRL!!!
Big Sis!
They were AWESOME!!!
Daddy/Daughter TWINS!
Practicing a few of my dance moves;)
SUCH a fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Junior Company did AMAZING!!!!