Wednesday, May 9, 2018

K Life Football

K-Life has been an awesome experience 
for Walker.  I'm so thankful for the young men
who took in our boys and poured into them
in a positive way!  Walker was pumped for
the KLife Football Tournament.  
Garrett, Peyton, Walker, Shep, Cort,
Jonah, Matthew and Kyle
Even though it was at McLane Stadium;)
Hudson secretly thought that aspect 
of the day was COOL!  ;)
Grandmother couldn't resist tagging
along for this day!  :)
Our boys' team did AWESOME!
Walker had a blast!  
Our team WON the championship!
It was such a fun day!  
Two Aggies at McLane;)
Two Baylor Fans at McLane;)
One little girl Aggie NOT at all happy at McLane!
I mean, seriously.  
They also met up with the girls' KLife group!  
A glimpse of the Silos on our way home...
Everyone in my car was exhausted on the way home!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Flag Football Finale, First Place & FANS!

Hudson loves to create “lockers”...
Such an awesome season
on the Mean Green Machines!!!!!!
We loved when our favorite FANS came!
We love our sweet fans!
#quarterbackmomlife ;)
Thankful for prayers before
games at Woodway Family Center...
#9 and his QB Coach :)
Cheerleaders + Brown!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetest supporter Huds has...
This team dominated!!!
Hank came to watch!!!
We love our COCO!
1st PLACE!!! 
Thankful for Coach Jergenson!
Love these three and their 
families so, so much!
So PROUD!!!!!!
Josh was really good to Huds!  
My favorite Quarterback EVER!!!!!
we couldn't be more
proud of you!!!!!
Keep at it, Son!
Your future is BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!
We love you no matter what!!!!!!!!!