Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day 2008...

We go to my parents' house for
Christmas Day...
I absolutely love spending an entire day at their house
with my sisters & all of our families!

Here is Miss Priss arriving &
letting everyone know it was time to get
this party started!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker went straight out to their back yard...
he is such a blast!
Miss Priss wore her ADORABLE tu-tu &
matching shirt that Lindsay made!!!
It was quite the HIT!!! you agree that a photo shoot

was in order?!? Thank you, my friend!!!
I can vividly remember that it was a couple of
days before Christmas three years ago when
we found out that we were having a little girl.
My mother & sisters spoiled her rotten
with LOTS of little gifts while she was still
in my tummy that Christmas!
What a JOY this little girl is to ALL of us...My very own little bit of Heaven on Earth...

Houston, we may have a problem. My biggest fear with giving in to the Nitendo DS was what is pictured below!!! It's actually hilarious to hear him "talk" to this's his first video game of any sort. He's fuuuunnnny with it. Hopefully the new-ness will wear off soon though...

"Lolologolon" (Logan) with the Haddie Pattie Pie...There is such an age span with my kids and my niece & nephews. It's amazing how wonderful they are to my kids. Walker & Hadlee LOVE love LOVE them!!!Hunter & Haddie...
I happen to love this hunka parents! They are the GREATEST!!!I love my family so much it hurts! Every single crazy last one of them!!!
What we reeeeeally needed were more gifts?!? Thank you Grandmother, PaPa, Aunt Lynna, Aunt Michelle & Uncle Terry!!! You guys are too good to us!!!

Sweet Aunt Kitty & Uncle Ron stopped by with
awesome gifts, too!!! Should have just given
Hadlee this sack and not the Cabbage Patch Doll!!!
The game of "Where's Haddie?" never gets old!!!
Grandmother gave both of her Grand-Daughters
Sleeping Beauty (Macy's fave movie).
They watched it sweet!!!
Haddie just had to put on her new gown from
Grandmother with a matching wand!!!
There was LOTS of sweet lovin' going on that day...
And then you have my CRAZY sistahs
with Haddie's new guitar...
(Check out my old room at home...
can you believe it was pink?!?)
Then it was time for us to gather around the
piano and sing Christmas carols together.
We are the worst singers EVER and
we were just having fun!!!
Seriously, though, I can play the piano...
bet ya didn't know that?!?
I always think Christmas Day is a great day
for a family picture. Let's see how that went...

Getting there...


A Final Merry Christmas from my Silly, Crazy, Fun~Loving Family to Yours!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008

Every Christmas night, Walker & Hadlee
both sleep with us.
Each year Walker wakes up a little earlier,
and also remembers a little more quickly
that Santa was supposed to come during the night!!!
Surely Haddie was thinking, "WHAT? Santa
brought that stuff?!? Maybe I should like him?!?"
"You go that way, and I'll go this way!"
OOPS, Haddie went to Bubba's stuff.
She was re-directed rather quickly!!!

Santa was gooooood to Walker & Hadlee...
A desk and a Nintendo DS for the Big Guy!

A Barbie Jeep and a baby that goes potty for Sweet Girl!Santa must have fallen for one of these Squirmies we saw at the mall!!! (Luckly for THIS Santa though, he found them at Wal-Mart for $2.99!!!)Daddy was JUST as proud for Haddie as she was!!!Talk about a HAPPY GIRL!!! (As long as you DON'T make the jeep go!!!)OH, there's my BABY DOLL!!!

She can go to Target with me in my jeep!!!Talk about a BIG BOY!!!
I really think Daddy just wanted a turn on the
Nintendo DS!!!
Not me, I have no clue how that thing works!
I'm just happy to see my boy so happy!!!Where's the mistle toe?!? I'd like to see
Mommy kissing Santa Claus!!! Then it was time to open presents...
luckily this year Mommy knew
Walker would be into that.
At his age, it's all about quantity not quality!!!
Look at Haddie's sweet face, so excited for Daddy...
(Ha Ha! It was underwear & socks in a Victoria Secrets box!)
Walker had specially wrapped THIS gift for me.
I had been trying to figure out what it was due
to the odd shaped packaging. I totally thought
it was something he and Daddy had bought for me!Little did I know, it was an A&M
basketball from his own collection
that he had wrapped up for ME!!!
He was so excited!
I couldn't have been happier!!!
Look at Walker's face when Haddie was
opening his gift to her (priceless!)...Thank you, Bubba!
I love my pink poodle webkinz!!!Thanks, Haddie!
I love my lion webkinz!!!
Walker is MY Fly Guy! He loves these books!
I think we have the series now!!!
Look how I wrapped Troy's special gift... LOOOK!!! Mommy had a collage of our
professional pictures made for Daddy's office!
(Amanda...the photos are coming SOON ~
hope you aren't let down!
I didn't mean for you to wait this long!)It was Daddy's favorite gift!
LOOK out Blogging World
and those of you who knew me before 2002
(that's when I got my digital camera)...
Troy got me a new SCANNER!!!
Check out my little Hugh Hefner loving
his new robe (and that GAME!!!)!
You may remember that Mommy had made
a special request to Santa for new robes...
seeing as though Hadlee wears one that is
size 0 to 6 months.
Well, Little Miss Priss would have NOTHING
to do with her new robe.
She didn't even mind if Mommy wore it!!!
Forget the gifts,
I have to call MaMaw to tell her what I got...Then I'm off to Target with my Baby!!!What a SWEET morning!
We have MUCH to be thankful for this day
and everyday!!!