Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Na Na Lovin' ~ Summer Style

I'm still trying to catch up on my blog.
I'm not yet reading my fave blogs yet...someday soon.
Going back in my pictures where I left off
before the accident is such an escape.
I had written this post July 13th.

I love me some July because it means my
best girl from Cali comes back to
the Lone Star for a visit!!!
This was her first time to meet
the Hudsy Puds! :)
Here are Auntie Brooke and God Mommy...................
It's three God Babies for my Beloved Best Girl!!!
And OF COURSE my precious, precious
God Daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm already envisioning a life long friendship
between these two buds! This was their
second reunion. Looks like Big C
remembers his old bud!!!Cutie pies...they are about seven weeks apart. We love our time at Lake Travis
with the Kelly/Simpson Crew!!!
This next series just melts my heart...
little besties in the making!!!Boat Ride!!!Isn't my God Daughter absolutely darling?!?Wish I could see this little face more often!!!Yep, looks like besties forever!!!Even T-Daddy Love was all about
my little God Daughter!Sweet Thing didn't forget
baby brother love!!!Pierce Party of Five ~ Lake Travis 2010I LOVE THESE TWO GIRLS!!!Sweet God Mama Lovin'!Nobody in the world like this girl...Well, double my Na Na pleasure............

The day after Lake Travis, Megan
and her precious ones came to see us!!!OH these little Petite Na Na's becoming
besties just melts my heart!!!Made me so happy for Megan to meet Hudson! What a cute couple?!?
Beautiful B might want an older man someday!Miss Megan always does my heart good!
I love her dearly!!!

Nothin' like a Na Na!!!

Time, distance and the busyness of our lives may keep us apart physically, but NOT in any other way! Love love LOVE my girls and all of their petits!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Written Today

Oh Travis...I really think my heart is broken.

I just thought I knew hurt,
but I didn't really until now.
I hurt for you, for my sister, for
my parents, and for myself.
I just ache over missing you and
wanting YOU back...100%.
NOT that I won't take you any way I can
get you! The fact that you are still with us
is a MIRACLE and I'll forever and ever
be grateful for that.
For now, though, I just hurt.
Sometimes I wish I didn't love you so much.
But I do!!! And of course I'd never change that!

Thank you for praying for my nephew.

(This picture was taken on my
birthday in March.)

Walker & Hadlee - isms

I wrote this one July 10th and never posted it.......................

Walker & Hadlee pretty much talk and laugh
Most of the time, I really love it!;)
The other day Hadlee noticed a birth mark
that I have on my leg. I mentioned to her that
I didn't think that she and Walker had one.
She looked at me and said,
"Just big mamas have them?"

One day a couple of weeks ago, the kids and I were swimming and just having so much fun. Walker looked at me and said, "If this were a dream, I'd love it!" OH, sweet boy, may your life always be like that!!!

It's a GIRL and a BOY

I wrote this one on July 10th...Kelli is now 29 weeks preggers!!! More on her soon. Definitely a bright spot in my life these days.

It's not every day that your best friend
has TWINS!!! LUCKY me, though....................
Kelli G is pregnant with TWINS!!!

Kelli has two beautiful sisters and they have seven children between the two of them. Kelli asked me to put something together to surprise Kate & all of the cousins & her entire family with the news. She called me from her appointment to let me in on the "news" first so I could get all of this together! PURE JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of each!!! Each cousin got a bag of multi-colored jelly bellies...but Sweet Kate Kate's bag was filled with PINK and BLUE ones!!! And she needed a Big Sis shirt of course!!!

The kids and I were thrilled to have the "inside scoop" on this news and just had to surprise the Big Mama with something! hee hee!Since Kelli was finally letting us celebrate her belly full of love, some of her closest friends and I decided to take her out for dinner. This happens to be her sister, Kathi...she and I fight over Kelli!!! I always kinda wanted Kathi as my baby sister. A Target gift card from the gang of course!I just had to bring Kelli a little something was this hideous maternity top that she had given to me forever ago and forgotten about! I've been saving this forever!!!

Not only is it tight horizantal stripes, but also there is a cut out for your tummy to stick through!!! I can't wait for her to wear it! :)

Sweet, dear friends...

Each one of us have prayed and prayed for these babies long before they were even in Kelli's tummy yet!!! We are all so happy and thankful for Kelli!Robin also got Kelli these fabulous shirts to wear!!!
I can't wait to see my tiny little Kelli G really preggers with TWO!
Oh we do!!!..................
Kelli and I have been friends since before kindergarten. She's my oldest and dearest friend. We were pregnant with Walker and Kate at the same time. Kate was born nine days after Walker. That made our pregnancies that much more special. I was a little sad when I didn't have her to go through my next pregancy with or even my next...I mean she was still right with me...just NOT growing like I was. ha! But now that it's her turn, I'm so happy it has happened this way. I feel like I'm getting two new babies myself!!! I just already love them that much.

Congratulations, Kelli G!!! I love you!!!