Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thankful for Sunshine

After several days of rain, it is so nice to have sunshine again. I am most thankful, though, for the sunshine that I have Sweet Haddie Girl!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Date

My husband of ten years and four days
took me out on Saturday night
(which at that time he was really
only my husband of ten years and one day)...We didn't like the above picture taken at the
restaurant AT ALL so we tried to take our own...
Our self portraits were to no-avail either.
I had tears of laughter in two separate parking
lots while we were taking these pictures!
I did get this great shot of Troy when we
went down town in front of our tallest
(and only) skyscraper...

T-dawg told me NOT to publish these pictures in any shape form or fashion (believe you me, there are plenty more to choose from!!!). If that handsome, sweet, understanding hubby of mine happens to see this post...his comments might not be as nice as they were last week!

Morning Love...thanks for an amazing ten years! I absolutely cannot believe where we are today...two precious children and one on the way. I couldn't be happier. Blessed.Beyond.Belief.

I love that your my man.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Grandparent's Day

Walker is very blessed in the
grandparent department!
Here he is with "Grandmother"
on the day he interviewed her for
a school project...
He sat and asked her the questions
and wrote the answers in...
This was Walker on the day of
the Grandparents' Lunch at school.
My mother and Troy's mom have gone
every single year. This year, Mamaw,
unfortunately had to have back surgery
on the very day of the luncheon.
Grandmother took Walker Burger King
that day for lunch and visited his class.
She and he loved every single second
of it!!! My mother told me she was the
last grandparent to leave the classroom...
didn't surprise me one bit! We love you, Grandmother!!!
We could never thank you enough for
all that you do for us!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

Sweet Saturday Alive...
Hadlee woke up yesterday morning
wanting to watch our wedding video
again and again and again.
Soon enough I heard this question over and over:
"Mommy, play wedding with me?"
There was only one thing left to do...
let her try on my wedding dress!!!
This was when Daddy walked in from outside...Appears Walker is a typical guy...Then I ~finally~ found my veil and tiara
which I loved back in 1999.
No surprise Miss Priss did, too...I couldn't resist a turn!!!
Haddie took my picture...

Then Walker did...I am wishin', hopin', thinkin', prayin' and dreamin' for this little girl...

All the while holdin' her, kissin' her and lovin' her!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Birthday!

Troy started calling our anniversary
"our wedding birthday"!

It was the best way for the kids to "get it"!!!

Unfortunately Walker has had a fever virus the
last two days. We are about to hit the 24 hour
mark of no fever so I am thankful for that.
Football pictures and his first game are
bright and early at eight tomorrow!!!

All that to say that my Hubby of ten Years
and I chose to spend our official ten year
annivesary with our two favorite little people!
I had to chuckle last night at midnight
when it was officially our annivesary
because Troy & Walker
were sleeping together in T's office
(because of the fever situation).
Rather than doing a little somethin' somethin'
fun, T-dawg and I were dosing out Motrin!
It didn't phase us one bit!

Today was wonderful & filled with lots of
sweet little surprises like these red roses
(my favorite) that were delivered to me
in the middle of the afternoon at my front
door by T-dawg himself down on one knee!
He was greeted with one of his favorites when
he got home...Rice Crispie Treats!
After eating our pizza, we all curled up in the
living room to watch our wedding video!! It is priceless to me!
As we watched the video, we couldn't believe
how much our nieces and nephews
have grown up!
Surely the little boy that walked perfectly
down the isle as our ring bearer is not
Hunter...the tall, bulky kid
I pick up at the high school now!!!

I also noticed that every single person who
took part in our wedding is still very much
a part of our lives. I love that!
To me, my wedding ceremony was just
perfect. It was dreamy. I will forever
be grateful to my parents for my wedding
and reception. And OH, that reception...
the way my friends danced!!!
(Mainly the Na Na's and Co Co!)
LoVEd it and it's all on this video!!!

Not surprisingly at all, Walker & Haddie
fit right in at our reception, too...After the wedding video, it was time for treats......and then curling up to watch Star Wars!!!
This was Walker's first time to see it
and he was so excited!!! Daddy, too!
Little Miss Priss and I served up some popcorn...
...and of course did our hair like Princess Leia!!!Like mother, like daughter...
Princess HadLEIA was SOOOOO
not into a movie like this.
"Peeeease mommy not watch this."
Instead she & I curled up in bed to
go nighty-night. Just as I was lying down
with her, she looked at me with her
sweet little grin and said,
"I liked your wedding party."

I told her someday she'll fall in love, get to wear
a dress like that, and daddy will
walk her down the isle and then she'll have
her own party. I also told her how
I already try to pray for her future husband.
She was quick to let me know she
thinks her groom will be "Langeee"...
keepin' it in the Hood with Landry! Wahooo!
Then I made her run into where the boys
were watching the movie to tell Troy,
"Daddy, you have to pay for my wedding."
He better start saving now!!!

Just like my famous birthday weeks,
our anniversary celebration will carry
over to tomorrow!

Big Man and I will have our own night out then!
BoW cHicKa BOw BoW!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ten Years

Today, my main squeeze and I are celebrating
TEN years of marriage!!!

This has been ten suuuuuh-weeeeeeeeet
years of FuN, LAuGHter and LoVE!

I truly can't believe it has been ten years.
I can easily conjure up that giddy, sweet
feeling I had the day we got married.

It was perfect.
Although our marriage has not always
been and is not always perfect,
it's close enough for me.
I am still very much in love with the man
that I married at seven in the evening on
Saturday, September 25, 1999.

For today's post, I was going to rank
my favorite things about T-dawg,
but I kept getting a tie for first place.
I love my husband's wit, his sexy-good
looks, his kindness, his priorities, his charm,
his strength, his work ethic, his manliness,
his intelligence, the way he fathers our
children, and of course...
the way he loves & protects me.
Nobody has ever loved me or made
me laugh like my husband does.
So's like a 10 way Tie!!!

Then I thought I'd do
100 MORE Things I love About You!
I did these 100 things when we got married...
But to be honest, I'm pregnant and lazy
and have too much first grade homework to do!
But trust me, there are EASILY way more
than 100 new things I love about my man.

If you'd like to see lots more wedding pictures
and read a mushy love letter I wrote my Love
Dawg on our last anniversary, go here...
I was really in love at nine years, too!

There is something extra, extra special
about this anniversary and it's not just
because it's ten years.
I once read that a baby is God's way
of showing us that the world goes on.
I just have to think that our sweet
SURPRISE with Baby Boy Love is
also God's way of showing Troy and me
that our marriage goes on.
but hey, a sweet surprise like this from
God is NOT something I take lightly!

God has blessed me in a way I don't
deserve with my marriage and my children.
I don't take that for granted.
I am so very, very thankful
that I'll fall even more head
over heals with my husband
again when we have our third child.
It's already been happening just
through the course of this pregnancy.

I love being a wife to Troy and a
mother to our children.

Troy...I love you and I can't thank you
enough for these ten years!
Thank you for making me feel
loved and beautiful every single day.
And thank you for making me laugh
every single day (well, except for those
days when we are mad at each other!).
You are my Everything.
I'm sealing this post with a kiss...

Happy Ten Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's My Boy!

I am UHHHH-mazed at what all students
learn in first grade! WOW!
Walker has phonics and math homework
almost every night.
Plus he does math flashcards,
writes out spelling words and he began
an AR chapter book tonight!

This was an assignment that Walker did
in class this week.
I laughed outloud when I found
it in his folder!!!

Notice in the instructions that he
had to pick out a picture,
write three sentences and use
five of their spelling words
(hence the use of the word "tops").
"I like to go to Target. It is fun
in Target. There are toys.
Do not steal to have tops."

All of my shopping trips with the kids
to Target are finally paying off...
Walker got a check plus
and Mrs. Gingerich loved it!
Your Wife

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Sweet Little Mommy with Orange Toes

The other day I walked in on
a sweet little mommy teaching her baby
to do the chicken dance with Elmo...
I hope she does this with her Baby Brother!!!
This little girl has changed my life!
God knew I needed her and I cannot
imagine life without her.

She is so Haddie!
She has very specific likes and dislikes
and she's not afraid to let you know them!
Like ORANGE...her favorite color!
I find myself in love with orange now, too.
Just bought a new handbag and a dress
in orange! Couldn't resist!
Silly...oh this little girl is silly!!!
She loves her daddy and she knows just
how to work him!Her eyes dance and I can't
resist looking deep into them when
she's telling me something!Funny...the things that come out of this little
girl's mouth! What are we going to do with her?!?
She thinks she is pretty funny, too!
Hadlee loves to play with Polly Pockets.
The other day I heard her playing with them
and she had one saying to the other,
"Fweetie, Fweetie...".
Took me a minute...she was saying "SWEETIE!"
And to hear her quote verbatum from Icarly...
well, that's just a hoot!
She's our Princess...
and she'll always be just that!

The other day I was walking behind her as she delivered thank you notes to the neighbors' houses and I couldn't help but think that if God had asked me what kind of little girl I wanted, SHE would have been exactly what I wished for! I am so very thankful for this sweet little lady in our toes and all!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Because of God"

We had an awesome sermon at church this
morning, but today I am sharing
Sunday lessons from Walker & Hadlee...
Walker really wanted to go to Academy
yesterday, and as we were on our way Hadlee
kept chanting "No Academy". Troy
joined in just to give Walker a hard time.
But Walker told Troy to stop lying b/c it
"only takes you farther from God!!!"

Then last night as Hadlee was crawling into bed, I leaned over her and said..."How did I get the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world?" Her answer...

"Because of God, silly!"I couldn't be more thankful for these two
fun, talkative, spunky, and lovable kids.
And yes, I know they are "Because of God"!And the final Sunday lesson from
Walker & Hadlee...
Get ready for some football!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!