Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Folder Finds :)

End of Year ~ 4th Grade!

How in the world is this
precious little girl done with
the 4th grade?
She will be leaving our beloved
elementary school where she has
absolutely FLOURISHED!!!
I am so thankful for the staff
there that has loved her through...
her INCREDIBLE teachers,
principals and the cafeteria and 
custodial staff.  They LOVED my girl!
It takes a village and 
they have allllll been such a 
HUGE part of the village so 
far for my sweet girl!!!
Apparently Hadlee's class thinks
she's caring and friendly, too!  :)
4th Grade Bowling Party!!!!!!!!!!
What precious girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fourth is FUN!
Celebrating Midway & Summer!!!
Leaving KiNDeRGaRTeN
& Leaving FouRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Days of School...

One of our last drives to South Bosque
for THIS sweet girl!!!!!!!!
Thank Goodness for the little guy
in the back who still has 
four more years at our 
beloved elementary!!!
There she goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is cheering now but boy
is she going to miss SB!!!!!
This school has LOVED my girl WELL
and she LOVES this school!!!!!!!!!!!
Summer is almost here!!!!!!!!
As usual, I say it every single year...
but oh how I loved my classes this year!!!
Rachel, Ryann & MAXWELL!
LOVED these three!!!!!!!!!
Andy, David, Devon:( ~ who passed away ~
and Brooke.  Such sweet first period kiddos.  
Ryann, Rachel, Taylor, Chad
A first period can make or break you...
I was thankful for this fun class!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These three (Austin, Tanner, Maxwell)
along with JACK kept me on my toes!!!!!!!
Third period...you were awesome, too!!!!!
Jaxson kept me on my toes in THiS class!  ;)
My seniors whom I ADORED!!!
I had Valentina and Molly when they 
were sophomores when I taught Pre-AP!!!
I love these girls so much!!!!
Treats for my Senior Girls :)
I'm sad to see this group go,
but I know I'll always keep in touch with them!
Precious Molly!
Love this girl so much!  
Messages like THiS............
Another PRECIOUS soul graduating is
 Laura!!!!!!  What an angel she has been to me!
Back to my current kiddos!!!
LOVE this girl!
Nehaa brought me so many laughs this year!!!
Kobe ended up not liking me, 
but deep down I know he did;)
Oh, 7th period.  What a class!!!!!!!!!
My beautiful Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there was 8th! 
Of course I loved them, too!!!!
They were a cool class!
Dropping off at MMS!!!
Last days as a 7th grader!!!!!!!!!!
Hold me!
My French I class:)
Being my only French class
and being such sweet students,
they were special and I spoiled them:)
Elaina, Trinity, Kenzi,
Caleb, Lexi & Michael
Emily could speak French so well!
Meanwhile this guy was enjoying
one of his last days of kindergarten
with his chain links of kindness!