Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gymnastics Season is Over!

That's a WRAP on another
year of gymnastics at Flips
with Kate!  It was FUN
and both girls learned sooooo much!
I'm so proud of them,
and I know Hadlee's backhand spring
will only take off from here!!!!!

Sadly, Kate will be moving on 
since she'll be an 8th grade 
cheerleader.  Hadlee will miss
her so much next year, but 
I'm so very thankful they 
got to do this together.
Kelli & I never would have 
dreamed this!!!!!!
We love our girls so much!!!!

On a side note, I'm so grateful
to the sweet ladies at Flips.
They are amazing and have
been so kind to me regarding 
my dad.  People like them
remind me just how good
people in this world are:)

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