Thursday, January 19, 2017

TU TU Cuties

Lily, Cadence, Jersi and Hadlee
decided they would try out for an
act at the 4th grade finale!  
They discussed and planned and argued
and finally decided they would
be the TU TU Cuties!!!!!!
We practiced after school in my classroom....
We met to rehearse and celebrated
Sweet Lily's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
 We shopped for costumes with Mrs. Ford;)
 I was in charge of making the TUTU's...
 I had a cute, sporty model;)
 But he wouldn't let me have
his face in the pictures;)
 Four Fun TuTu's!!!!!!
And my friend Natalie made the shirts!
We practiced some more at our church!!!
These girls really are
The songs cut and spliced together included
 "I've Got My Tight Pants (TU TU) On",
"Girls Just Wanna have Fun (TUTU's!),
"Hokie Pokie" put your tutu in, 
you put your tutu out,
"Shake it Off",
"Shake your Groove Thing (TUTU),
"TuTu's Rock it Up"!
It was ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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