Tuesday, January 3, 2017

7 Years of Dance & Pictures

Hadlee's dance pictures this year
take my breath away.  
They are perfect to me.
She is perfect to me actually.
These pictures capture her essence...
her smile, her sweetness, 
her sass, her sincerity ~ 
this is just her at ten years old.    
I completely forgot about dance
pictures that day.  Hadlee remembered
and it was already about five 
minutes after her first time slot.
We got her ready SO quickly 
and raced to the studio hoping
they would still let us do her pictures,
and they did!  
Maybe that's why they are so her....
we didn't really do a thing to her hair
and of course no make-up!
Daddy told her a long time ago
"no make-up" and therefore, she 
hates make-up!
I would too if I had her skin!
She's a little bit too grown up 
in some of these!!!!
 The one above and the one below
are Troy's favorites...
Daddy's little girl (:
 We could not love this beautiful
little girl more!!!!!!!!!!!
I love being THIS girl's DANCE MOM!!!!!
Can't believe we pulled this 
off that day!!!!!!
She's our little bit of 
      Heaven on Earth......................
Hadlee ADORES her teacher
and Mrs. Emily ADORES her.
They have such a fun and sweet 
relationship.  I'm so thankful
for strong women in my girl's life.
SevenYears of Dance!!!
It's fun doing it with Ella Kate:)
One more glance at her pictures...
these were the proofs that I got
on the morning of her dress
rehearsal.  I was sending shots
to Troy begging for him to help
me choose.  He and my mother 
both said to get them all!!!!
We love you, Hadlee McCall!
Our sweet, sweet girl
with so much talent and so much heart!

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