Wednesday, December 28, 2016

STORM in Oklahoma!!!

Mother's Day 2016 looked different this year.
We were heading to OKLAHOMA 
for baseball!  Oh my, how our lives have changed!;)

I didn't know exactly when we'd be back 
so I left this out as a just in case.....
it hurt my heart to be leaving my 
mother on Mother's Day.  
The kids were BEYOND pumped
to be caravanning to Oklahoma though!!!!
We pulled the kids out of school 
early on a Friday and hit the road!
We crossed the state line
and celebrated at this truck stop!
#TRUTH and I know it!!!!!!!!!!
Just like that...we were there
and ready to play ball!!!
AND TWiN with our bestie!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Awesome hitting, Walker!!!!
It was an awesome view
for baseball in Tulsa 
that evening!!!
Celebrating late that night!!!

Good Morning, Tulsa!
Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!
My boy on the mound!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this sight!!!!!!!!!!
Jumpsuit Day!  ;)
They are the cutest, sweetest
little baseball sister besties EVER! 
These guys are pretty cute themselves!
Danny, Walker, Reid
Target run for goggles and such
and headed back to the hotel!!!!!!
Wendy napping!  ;)  ha!
Indoor pool FTW!
(for the win!!!!)
Entertaining us always!!!!!!
These two are a mess!!!!!
Back to the Ball Field!!!!
Excited to meet up with
this sweet bestie, too!!!!!!!!!
LOVE them!
Waco Midway Boys
With a SUPER CUTE FaN!!!!!!!!!!
Pep Talk!
We got the "W"!!!!!!!!!!
My Heart......
Hanging at the Hotel........
While the kids hit the pool!!!!!
Good Times!!!!!!!!!!
This kid was exhausted!!!!!

STORM Dbacks advancing to Sunday!!!!
Mother's Day Morning
in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful day and view:)
Being MOM is my favorite
thing in the world!!!
Hadlee is constantly on my phone
and I never think anything of it.
We share an instagram so she can
keep up with Walker and his buddies
for me;)  On Mother's Day, 
she totally surprised me by
posting this on our Insta!
She chose all the pics and made
the collage and I had NOOOO idea!
And her message...
Be still my heart, sweet girl!  
This made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our entertainment in Oklahoma
for Mother's Day morning;)))
He's a MESS himself!
This was a crazy, exciting game.....
Good times with the Storm Fam!!!!!!:)
How cute are they?!?
Walker had an AWESOME hit!!!!!!!!!
Walker was running the bases
for a triple...but Coach decided
to send him on home
for an in the park HOME RUN.....
Obviously I was going CRAZY
trying to video this!!!!!!!!!!
Caoch took a HUGE risk
sending him....Walker was booking it!
Unfortunately he was thrown out
at home.  It was a close, close call
and Walker did every single thing right:
fantastic HIT, fast running,
and sliding under the throw.  
It was one of those chances that was
worth taking...but man it was a 
bummer!!!!!  So close!!!!!!!!
I love this kid so much!!!!!!!!!!
#25 on Mother's Day playing
in the Texas Oklahoma Shoot Out!!!
I loved it!
He's so stinkin' cute!
I love this view!
And he's HUGE!!!!  
This guy was ready to break
out of Oklahoma!  ha ha!
We played our hearts out in two
games that day........but didn't 
come out on top!
So proud of these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making the LONG drive home...
Troy had to take a few naps.  LOL!
How Hadlee celebrates the end
of another tournament...
a pic collage of her and Ella!!!!!!
To say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seeing THIS sign is always the best feeling.
There's NO place like TEXAS!!!
Even better when you see 
the Dallas Sky Line because
you know HOME is getting closer!!!
I had such sweet gifts waiting 
for me at home!!!!!!!!!!
God is Good!!!!!!!!!!
Being MOM to these three
is the greatest blessing I'll ever know.   
Thank you, Lord,
with all of my heart and soul.  

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