Monday, December 5, 2016

Walker's Induction into NJHS

Proud, Proud Mom Day!!!
National Junior Honor Society Induction
for Walker!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't love these two MORE!  
So proud of both of them...
they don't realize it yet but 
they are two peas in a pod!!!!
Both so driven and smart:)
Yay, Kate!
Here goes my handsome boy!!!!!
Bestill my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Lord!

I love watching him in everything he does.  
He is my heart!
Proud of their big brothers!
So many great kids!
I love these guys so much!
Something I preach to my own students is.....
SMART IS COOL!!!!!!!!!
These guys seem to get that at this point!  :)
His GPA is over a 100!!!!!
Keep it up, Son!!!!!!
Not only are all these boys smart,
but they are FUN and HILARIOUS, too!!!!
Great examples for Huds!!!
Obviously they are all really cool, too!  ;)
The Thinkers
Walker with his English teacher this year...
who also happens to be MY first grade
teacher.  Doesn't seem like that could
be possible, but it's true!
Love her!!!
I absolutely LOVE this age.
I love that these boys think smart is cool.
I love that these boys are funny.
I love that they are still silly.  
I love that they love each other.  
I couldn't be more proud, Walker!
I pray with all my heart that you continue
on this path...of kindness, of determination,
of intelligence and of FAITH. 
 You are turning into a fine young man,
and so many people (your teachers, other 
parents, your coaches) tell me that, too.
So it's not just your mama saying that;)
Keep it up, Son!  
I love you with all my heart.  

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