Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Walker's Pizazz Syncronized Swimming Audition!

Walker and his buddies in 7th Grade Boys
Choir had PIZZAZZ auditions coming up.  This 
is basically a talent show for the choirs
in 7th and 8th grade.  It's a big time
performance at the end of the year.  
Some of these students in the choirs
have MAJOR TALENT!!!!!
Walker had said he wouldn't be trying
out for anything (oh that boy!)....
but then his teacher STRONGLY encouraged
a specific group of 7th grade boys 
to try out for this certain act.
One of the amazing moms in our group
got it together and had the boys
start rehearsing at her house with 
her dance team daughter in charge.....
Her daughter is a former student of mine
and she's beautiful.  This certainly helped to keep
the boys in line and they practiced and practiced!
They learned the dance......
...and it was a RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were so impressed!!!!! 
They had a few practice sessions before
the BIG try out day......
TRY OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These crazy guys ROCKED the try outs!!!
Mrs. Benton LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!
They were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hard to believe these 11 boys could pull this off!
Mrs. Benton said their act was a "for sure"!!!!!

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