Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hadlee as Principal of the Day!

In 4th grade at South Bosque,
students get the opportunity to be
Hadlee's day was Friday, April 1, 2016!
Of course this called for a new
 dress and new shoes!!!
This was SUCH a special day for my girl!
Made even more special since her little
brother is in kindergarten at the same school!!!
Hadlee is friends with EVERYONE
at South Bosque!
Hadlee's Squad:)
Introducing the Principal of the Day!!!
Good Morning, South Bosque!
Leading the whole school 
in the Pledge of Allegiance!
It just so happened to be 
April Fool's Day so Hadlee had the idea
that she needed to play a joke on 
everyone.  I loved that she thought of that.
She took it upon herself to approach 
Mr. Everett about it and they came up with a plan.  
Hadlee changed up the lunch menu 
to gross things like "liver and onions"!!!
Celebrating Birthdays!
I was SO PROUD of Hadlee's
Shining Stars....
Then Mr. Everett annoucned that 
it was time for the last Shining Star Award
for a teacher...and that this particular 
one is what every Shining Star letter
should sound like!!!!!!!
It was Hadlee's that she had written 
about Mrs. Cates and it was AWESOME!
There weren't many dry eyes for the adults!
SO very, very thankful for this
woman and her impact on Hadlee!
I mean, seriously!
What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It takes a village and I thank the Good LORD
for the HUGE impact that Hadlee's sweet and 
amazing teachers have had on her.  
Teachers are their Mamas at school
plus they have to teach them 
LOTS of stuff, too!!!!!!!!!!
And this one has LOVED and TAUGHT my 
girl so VERY MUCH and so VERY WELL!
Speaking of teachers who have 
impacted my girl,
Mrs. Decker in kindergarten...
without a DOUBT!!!!!!!
Oh my Goodness the love in second grade!
Mrs. Bain!!!!!!!!!!
God bless this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND of course of course of course
Ms. Penson in third grade
Who would have dreamed that this 
beautiful girl would come along in
PE class and love my daughter
like CRAZY!!!  She was a dream
come true for my Hadlee
and we LOVE HER DEARLY!!!!!!!!!
Female Role Models FOR THE WiN!!!!!!!!!!!!
These ladies along with Mrs. Gingerich
and Mrs. Schmeltekoph who aren't
teaching there anymore
have done so much for my girl and 
my heart will FOREVER be thankful.
(Ms. Flowers in music plus
 Mrs. Schaefer in PE, too!!!)
Hadlee went from an extremely shy
and fearful little girl to a blossoming,
fun loving, and spirited little girl
under the encouragement and guidance
of these women at school every day.
It's been amazing to watch.  
Also when I think of Hadlee's time in 
elementary, I think of 
this precious friendship:)
Sweet first grader Jillian :)
Hadlee is so well liked and loved
at school!!!  It's so fun:)
Addison!  Such a sweet friend!!!
Walker was by far a favorite of 
Mr. Everett's...but I think Hadlee
has moved on in to that role quite nicely!  ;)
your smile lights up the WORLD!!!!!!!
Hadlee had such a great and busy
day working in the office!!!!!
The Pierces absolutely love
Mrs. Bussell, the heart of South Bosque
in the office!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has always taken care of my kids AND me! 
A treat for the office from 
their Principal of the Day (:
Special treats for Hadlee and Jersi...
to go with their Bush's for lunch!  ha ha!
We happened upon these two 
eating lunch in the cafeteria!
My two favorites at South Bosque:)
What an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy was out of town for work
and hated to miss all of this :(
We are so proud of Hadlee.
She has just shined throughout 
her days at South Bosque.  
From crying over having to wipe
the tables clean in kindergarten
to begging to help the workers
in the cafeteria the last couple of years
...this young lady 
has absolutely blossomed in 
so many ways.  
and SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!
I love having THiS Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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