Friday, November 25, 2016

Hadlee's 10th Birthday Slumber Party!

Hadlee's first official "slumber party"!
I was so excited over this!!!  
Slumber parties were all the rage
when I was her age:)
Hadlee has lots of friend "circles"
and I LOVE that about her,
but it was too many to combine
into one slumber party.
For this first par~tay,
I limited her to five school friends -
which was VERY difficult to do,
but it was a nice line as not to hurt
any other school friends' feelings.
They all met at our house....
Then we headed out to go eat!
Ann Marie, Cadence, Betsy Grace, Lily, Jersi, Hadlee
This is SUCH a precious, precious 
group of little girls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee chose where we ate of course!  :)
They wanted to do their own pic!  ;)
I Scream I Scream WE ALL Scream for Ice Cream!!!
They were so silly and cute and crazy!
We had plans to hit up some
#WacoFUN, but there was a huge
storm so I thought we better play 
it safe and go straight back home
and go to bed......
This is such a fun and sweet group!
The Party Favors were a HUGE HIT!!!!
We giggled and giggled over
these funny pillows:)
I love being a GIRL MOM! :)
She is my Heaven on Earth!
But what was I thinking?!?
Even just six girls and it gets
I'm wearing my adorable "Hadlee"
necklace that a little boy who was 
in love with her during 3rd grade
had made for her while he was on 
vacation in Missouri. I always
wear it on special occasions 
for my sweet girl.
She's not so much into a necklace
from a boy!!!!!  (God bless Hayden!)
Wii Party
Fashion Shows
Troy and Hudson got home from
going to eat with friends.
Walker made SURE to find somewhere
to spend the night away that night;)
Huds didn't know what to think;)
This child's expressions!!!!!!!  LOVE!
Her laughter is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
Time for Cookie Cake #3!!!!!!!!!!!
You only turn 10 once
with your B/F/F's!!!!!
Troy went and bought her blow up
mattresses just for her sleep over.
Daddy's Girl!!!!  Again, the 
Emoji pillows had me ROLLING!
They were up bright and early for 
GiRL PoWeR!!!!!!!!!!!
They had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!
Then they dressed up 
Hadlee to look just like
Mrs. Cates:)
Away from school, but still thinking
of their sweet teacher who really 
does look like this.......
We finished off the party that
morning with some games............
Confetti Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!
Egg Toss!!!
Finally BUBBLES!
And there you have it,
Hadlee McCall's first slumber
party!  Ten years old!!!
So thankful for my daughter
and the love she has for so many
sweet and precious friends.
Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for 
Hadlee McCall Pierce!!!!!!
May she ALWAYS turn to you
and lean on you in all that she
does!!!!  I couldn't love her more:)

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