Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hudson's Little League OPENER!!!

Ready for his first Midway Little League
Game ~ Coach Pitch, 6 years old!
 With his favorite coach on 
their way to the big first game!!!
 Sister was busy making this!!!
 Let's do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Huds did awesome!
Got a hit at every bat!!!!!!!!
 Short Stop!!!!!!!!
 Coach Pierce coaching;)
 Baseball READY!
 Mamaw and PaPa Jimmy
were in town and got to see his game!
 PLUS he had quite the fan club...
 The Cromies AND the Mercers
came out to see him play!
 It was awesome!!!
Then we all went to eat...
Hudson's choice ~ PiZZA!
 We love our #5 on the Orioles!!!!!!!!

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