Monday, November 14, 2016

Walker ~ Spring 7th Grade!

These two crack me UP!!!!!!!!!!
This was one late night after
practice.  We love Logan
like he was our own.
He and Walker are like brothers
and I love it!
It was time to apply for
National Junior Honor Society.  
I loved his involvement...
but then his GPA!
I know it's only 7th grade, but WOW!!!
And that's only core classes ~ 
would love to have added his electives
and engineering class!
I'm so proud of this kid.  
Even if I do already get on his nerves!  ;)
MMS Drop Off...
I'm thankful for our little car pool!
Next up...7 on 7 Football!
My boy wants to do it ALL!
Walker is a great kid
and I am praying with all my heart
that he continues on this path. 
He's kind, he's smart and he's driven.
I am so proud I can hardly contain it.  

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