Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing, Building & Nesting

The kids have done nothing but
PLAY play PLAY since Christmas Day.
Here they are with Haddie's
Zhu Zhu pet...
My little muffin spent the entire day after
Christmas playing in her room
while I tried to organize her new toys.
She is such a sweet little player...

Walker was playing with his itouch, Star Wars ships or outside helping Daddy all day. He did have time for a couple of duals with their new light sabers!!!Aunt Cindy and Uncle James got Walker this remote control Hummer. He loves it! It goes all around our house even after he's had it outside in the big dirt pile! Lovely!!! ha!I also managed to get one last Christmas dress on my angel baby for church...even if it was after Christmas! This one was extra special because it was Kate Kate's!While the kids have been PLaYing, Daddy has been working his bootie off on the garage/office...He's my hard workin' man!

Did I mention that the kids have been
As for Big Mama, I've been NESTING!!!
As I type I can hear the washing machine going
and it's filled with baby blue onesies and Dreft!
Here's a sneak peak of my other project...
I'm almost finished.
I'm getting really excited to meet
my Little Prince
and I want everything to be just perfect!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas with these two really was

Hey Hadlee, why don't you really tell us how you feel about pictures...

Walker, why don't you try to wrestle your sister?
A Christmas HUG!!!Merry Christmas to
my sweet little girl... ...and to my handsome little boy!(and he's OH so sweet, too!) Our Family ~ Christmas Day My beautiful sister and her handsome boys...My other beautiful sister and her sweet family... Speaking of these two, every year they do
some sort of picture frame for their parents.
I always take the pictures for them.
Check out the collage we made this year...
I love it!We were on a picture taking roll at
Christmas.........well, all of us but Haddie Girl!
My parents give, care and do so much
for all of us. We are beyond blessed!!!
The Grandkids (with #7 on the way!) Then it was time for yet again
more GIFTS!!!
Seriously, my family finished off
Walker & Hadlee's wish list!!!
There were also gifts for Baby Love...his aunts
and grandmother already love him so!
Grandmother and PaPa gave us the lamp
for his room and several precious outfits, too!
AND, a basketball rattle! Of course!!!
Aunt Michelle even got him a New Year's outfit...
just in case!!!
Macy spent forever coloring with Hadlee...
it was so sweet and made Haddie's day!
We had the BEST lunch all prepared
by this amazing woman...We all went outside to have one
big family picture taken.
This is NOT an easy task by any means!!!The picture finally happened though!!!These people are my world...There is no other place that I'd rather be
than with my family...Especially these four...

Merry Christmas 2009!!!