Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hadlee's 5th Dance Recital ~ 2014

We love Mrs. Emily!!!
This was such a precious class!
Loved all the sweet girls
and had special connections with most of them...
Five Years of Dance:)
Five years with Ella Kate!!!
Love how Hadlee & Ella Kate met
and became sweet friends JUST LIKE
EK's mommy and I have!!!
I count Stephanie as one of my
dearest friends now:)
Up early and ready for the
Saturday Morning Dress Rehearsal!!!
My Precious Ballerina..........
My girl LOVES it on stage!!!!!!!!!!
And I love her on stage!!!!!!!!!!
Time for Tap!!!
Seriously too cute for words!!!

And just like that...rehearsal was a rap! 
Saturday Night...SHoW TiME!!!!
The boys were so excited....
Or maybe not...
This beautiful girl was ready to perform though!!!
Not an ounce of make-up!!!
(Daddy's strict orders that Hadlee
TOTALLY adheres to!!!)
Her skin is perfect though...........
Waiting to perform...
Avery & Hadlee ...
Avery is in third grade and Hadlee
has loved her from the moment they
met at South Bosque.  She is such
a sweet girl and I love their friendship:)

Hadlee & Amanda ...
Another precious friend:)
I went to high school with her dad
and was best friends with her aunt.
Walker first became good friends
with her older brother and then
these two started dancing together.
Such dear friends...their whole family! 
Brenna with Hadlee & Amanda
Brenna is Haddie's good friend from school:)
Precious little girl that we met
through baseball/big brothers!!!
SiLLy and SWeeT Ballerinas!!!!
They were beautiful and perfect on stage!!!!!!!!!
Well Done, Girls!!!!!!!!
Besties since Mrs. Janice's....
My little beauty.........
So proud of this beautiful angel!!!!!!
Time for Tap!!!
Love her precious little figure
and beautiful curls:)
Ready to do the PEPPERMINT TWIST!!!!!!!
Haddie is twisting in the middle:)
They were ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Girl, you are pure JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
I love these two so much!!!!!!!
The Good Lord has blessed us
with precious friends that I hope
we keep forever & ever!!!!!!
Love this one so much, too!!!!
Hadlee & Hallie :)
Having fun waiting for the finale!
Miss Hadlee Pierce...
5th Year Trophy!!!!!!!!!!!
SO excited to finally have a trophy!!!
On stage she searches for her family...
it's so cute!  Even when she's dancing,
she tells us she's searching for everyone.
She doesn't even get nervous...
not one bit at all!!!!!!!!
She spotted her biggest fan ~ Mommy:)
Trophy Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greeting her fans...........
Being attacked by Baby Brother!!!!!!!!!
But the sweetest was Daddy....
Definitely Daddy's Princess:)
PROUD Grandparents!!!!!!!!!!!

These boys ADORE this little girl!!!
Pierce Party of Five 
She is truly the heart of our family:)
A gift from Grandmother & PaPa...
She had been telling Grandmother
for quite some time that she
wanted the pajamas for her new doll!
And of course something from
Mommy, Daddy and her Brothers ...
Isabelle's dance outfit
WITH a tiara!!!
Sometimes I still just can't believe
that I have a little girl. 
I really just have to pinch myself!!!
Thank you, Sweet Jesus!!!!!
So funny but this old man asked
us if we wanted a group picture...
and we were like sure.
He had no clue how to use an iPhone though!;)
My parents are more crazy over
her than they are me!!!  ;)
Great friends!  Amanda's brother, Cole:)
A wonderful night celebrating
our favorite girl!!!!!!!!!!
Flowers, gifts and a trophy!!!!!!!
Such a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She got to choose where we went
to eat and it was Marco's Pizza of course!
Our new family fave:)
Brother was tired....
he kept asking Daddy during the
recital, "Just one more, Daddy?"
But happy!  And Big Brother was busy;)
I cracked up at my little dancer...
it was McDonald's pancakes and bacon
for breakfast, Bush's for lunch
and pizza for a late night dinner:)
That's my girl!!!!!!!!!!
Our Beautiful Ballerina...
I hope she always loves to dance ~
throughout her entire life!!!
 I don't know if it's just because
she is mine or not...but there
is something so very special and sweet
about our little Hadlee.
We couldn't love her more!!!!!!!