Monday, February 28, 2011

That's When I Knew Why...

One morning a few days after Trav's accident,
I was in the kitchen trying to
 get breakfast ready for the kids
 and I was BALLING my eyes out. 
I could hardly contain myself.

All of the sudden...I looked over at Hudson
sitting in his high chair, grinning ear to ear,
kicking his precious little feet.
It was right then and there that I
KNEW why God had surprised us with
our Little Baby Love. 
For as long as I live, I will never
forget that moment.
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
2 Corinthians 9:15

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Co Co & Kate Kate

It was oh so FUN to plan and help host Co Co's
baby shower for the twins back in September!
The upcoming arrival of these little angels
brought SO, so MUCH JOY to my life!!!
 I was in charge of the cookies for
the shower, so I whipped these up...
 Yeah right!  I wish!!!
 A really sweet lady made these...
she's now my "cake" lady! 
 Our Guest of Honor!!!
 Is she not GORGEOUS?!??!?!??!?!??!!!
 Here are Kelli's beautiful sisters and beautiful mother.
Mary kept me before I was in kindergarten,
I grew up with all three Gingerich girls,
Mary taught Hunter then Walker.
And all along the way, Kelli has been my
Best Friend.
I just love life, friendship & family. 
 I always wanted Kathi as my little sister.
I would even go to Kelli's and play with Kathi.  ;)
 Kelli & I ended up hanging out a little bit too
much during the shower.  She forgot about her
other guests, BUT we really wanted a good picture
and she wanted me to cover her belly??? 
She & I have always been a little obsessed with
our wrinkles...even though our friendship is timeless! ;)
Just kidding about the's a joke! 

  Seriously I've never seen a girl carry off a
pregnancy with twins better than Kelli G!
She has been a ROCK STAR...
no complaints, no slowing down, no nothing!!!
Kathi's little girl, Violet, helped CoCo open gifts!
Adorable outfits from Angie! 
Little Sister, Little Brother outfits
from in my mother! 
My replacement...
Kelli's new BREAST friend.
I wrote down all of her gifts for her. 
As usual she wanted me to write her thank
you notes, too.  I told her I had to draw
the line somewhere!!! 
Two of my VERY, VERY best girls
 in all of this world! 
CoCo & RoRo
SO love that they are dear friends now!!!
The Hostesses...I love them all.  Grew up
with a few, college with one and met one
at our church.  Such amazing girls
who have ALL prayed for these babies
for so, so long! 
My Kelli G...she knows me probably better
than any friend.  She knows my whole & all.  She's a TRUE,
true friend with the most tender,
caring heart you'll ever know. 

Next that afternoon was celebrating
Kate Kate's 8th Birthday!!! 
Kate was born nine days after Walker.
Their wedding is going to be so fun!
Sweet Sisters-in-Law
Look what I just happened to find for
the Katerooooo!  She most certainly
is a SUPER Big Sis!!!
I love me some Co Co  & Kate Kate!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ALOHA September

Nothing like musical car seats....
These three are so fun to have around! :)
Never a dull moment and I love that...

Hudson loved the johnny jumper!
So did Big Bro...when he was a baby himself and
watching his little sidekick in it now!
Everybody on the DaNCE FlooR!!!
Hunter B! LOVE having him with us!!!
Walker couldn't wait to attend a Midway
football game in our fancy new stadium!
And I couldn't wait to dress little
 Miss Priss in her cheerleading suit again! ;)
Daddy was gone on a business trip one day
so we kept sending him pictures
from Toys R Us!!!
Hard to believe someday they might really
drive each other around.
Well, we'll see if this mama
 ever really allows that. ;)
Walker saved all of his birthday money and
some allowance money to buy himself a
Nintendo DS Lite.
His plain 'ole DS just wasn't cool anymore!
This was after we left
 Toys R Us when I finally let him open it!
He was so proud and he takes such good
 care of his electronics. Like father, like son.

Back to dance class for my Sweet Little Miss!
She was so excited to see her friends again
and to DANCE!!!
Another precious Monday @ 1:15 class with Mrs. Emily!
My handsome little man of steel hanging
out on the back of Daddy's truck!

He has been such a big boy through everything.
I've never been more proud.
Never, ever a dull moment. Ever!
Troy had ordered Walker some Star Wars
Mighty Beans for his birthday &
we forgot about them when they didn't
make it before his actual day.
 Lucky boy!
He happened to find the package on the front porch...
Stop it! We had to move Hudson's bed down.
Break a mama's heart!!!  My baby is growing up. :(
Such a little helper for daddy!
Sweet Nemec Neighbors hosted a
Back to School/Luau...
Jillian's idea and choice
(gotta a love a little Hoodie in the making;)
 I think the party was supposed to be in August
 but my dear friend Elizabeth
called and asked me when
 we might would be here for the party.
It just so happened
 that we made this weekend the first one that
we didn't get to go see Travis in Austin.
Spending time withe Hoodies...
big and small...
was the perfect idea!!!
And, of course, we Pierces LOVE a theme!!!
A little bit of Heaven (or Hawaii) on Earth...
Even little man Huds had to be ready to hula!
Our little-est Hoodie ready!
I don't know why, but Troy has kinda
 become known as the Hoodie Mascot?!?
Daddy...we are ready for a trip to Hawaii! 
THE HOSTESS with the MOSTESS and the SWEETEST, too!
Happy Little Hoodies...
Mr. David hooked the hoodies up with an
awesome (red-neck!) slip-n-slide!!!
We are truly blessed.  TRULY.

Creative BIG hoodie girls planned this fun activity...
AND creative little Hoodies had a ball with their creations!
An ALOHA in September was just perfect!
Thank you, Sweet Hoodies.