Friday, September 15, 2017

Pink Out Day & Night

Of course Huds had his locker
and pink out gear ready to go 
for his own game the next day!  ;)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Our Girl...11 1/2

At eleven and a half, this little girl
continues to melt our ever lovin' hearts💜 
Related image

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More Midway Select

Football first on Saturday mornings...
then Midway Select Baseball 
for the rest of the weekend!
This little catcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He has stolen my heart forever!!!!!!!!
Before the game when they were 
warming up, I saw the catcher get 
hit on the head (through the helmet) 
with a ball and I was thinking, "I'm 
glad my boy doesn't really catch."
LOW and BEHOLD...that cute little
catcher was MY boy!!!!
And he LOVES all the action 
that being the catcher brings!!!!!!
Hold this mama!!!
He is THE cutest thing in the WORLD to me!
This boy can HIT!
We have the most wonderful circle of 
friends through Walker's friend group.  
They are like family to us. 
It has been AMAZING to watch the 
same thing happen with Hudson's 
friend group...most of all this precious 
little family right here.  We may be 
PaPa Pierce and Mimi to them since
Troy and I are so much older, but we 
have an absolute BLAST together.
We laugh until we cry!!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful:)
It was another one of those life 
moments when I didn't think I needed
any more close friends, but God
showed me differently!!!!!!!!!!1
This cute thing is at the heart 
of much of our laughter...from 
his funny antics to his love of the 
red blanket...we ADORE this little guy!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Mean Green Machines

We had a BLAST watching 
the Mean Green Machines play
flag football!!!!
They dominated every single game...
While I giggled at my young mom friends
whom I adore chasing their little ones.
I was there once!;)
Huds journaled in first grade
about his team...
W after W!!!  Undefeated all season!
My favorite quarter back
Reid, Walker and Hadlee running
the little ones' day care!!!!!
Walker & Reid were quite
the hits at the game:)
I was cracking up at these two 
big boys playing with these little girls!
Check out that QB's arm!!!!!!!!
Check out this series......
Brooks is open!!!
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson's #1 Receiver with the CATCH!
Watching Brooks run it in for the
TOUCH DOWN!!!!!!!!!
Love these three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing some defense...
Griffin, Huds, Brooks
Several times I would hear people
commenting about Hudson and his 
ability at this age to throw!
So proud of him:)
The kid works VERY hard...
even at six years old!
We all loved coming to these
Saturday morning games!!!
TOUGH TRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But oh so sweet, too!!!!!!!!!!!
My other favorite part of 
Saturday morning games..........
After the game, there they are
still playing football!!!!!!
So many big brothers!
Hadlee and her sweet girl:)
Hudson's two biggest fan girls!
We the Mean Green Machines!