Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kyle Field Visit ~ March 2013

Troy just can't take us through College Station
without stopping for pictures like this...
We have taken Walker's picture
like this since he was two years old!!!
He bleeds maroon!  ;)
Sweet Girl is giving in to the pressure, too...
Big Aggie helping his Lil' Aggie...
It's official now!
Even Spiderman is an AGGIE!!!
Hudson still needs a little work
on his Gig 'Em!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy calls College Station the
Promise Land;) He is so happy
there...especially having his three
little Aggies with him!
Even our Baylor Lovin' Grandmother
gets excited over her Aggies!!!
Pierce Party of Five
I love the pride that exists
at A&M.  It's quite amazing...
And I even hope that I have
three kids attend Texas A&M someday!
Aggie Spiderman joined us for
lunch in College Station, too!
Our Precious Aggies...
Ages 6, 10, 3 :)
Gig 'Em Aggies!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SUPERman Spring Break Galveston Trip

We left early Friday morning to head
south to see our Superman in Galveston!
We went straight to TLC
(Transitional Learning Center)!!!
It had been too long since
we'd seen Travis:(
The STORM arriving!!!!!;)
We were EXCITED!!!!!!
Trav was in therapy so we had
to wait a little while...
Then he came out!!!!!!!!!
Grandmother had gone the longest
without seeing her first born Grandson.
She was so happy:)
I love him so much it hurts.
We are so thankful to be able to hug him.
This was one of the aids that
Travis really liked.  
How sweet is this?
The pure love of a mother.........
 Travis had a couple hours of individual
therapy/counseling left so we went
to eat and check into our hotel.!
The SPOT! :)
My phone and personal photographers provide
much entertainment during long waits!  (;
Definitely one of our favorite
"spots" in this town!
After we checked in, it was time
for a round of putt-putt!!!

Nothing like a round of golf
with the STORM!!!;)
We got Travis so he could spend the
weekend with us at the hotel
and that night we just hung out
in our rooms and played and visited.
It was perfect:)
In fact, Trav and I watched
 a movie in his room!
More putt-putt the next morning!!!
A beautiful day in Galveston:)
Sweet Pea and I went over to Moody
Gardens to get a braid in her hair!
A sweet little wish....

Silly, Sweet & Sassy!!!!!!!
A little bit of Heaven on earth:)
Spending time with her is priceless!
My cousin from Port Arthur came to see us!
Mother was so happy to see Lynna Pauline:)
"When we going to the BEACH?"
Beach or Bust!!!!!!!!
Happy Happy Happy
And just like that they were OFF... the FReeZinG cold water!

Hudson is such a beach babe!!!
My precious baby and the vast ocean!
GOD is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
SUPER model!!! ;)
SUPER cool!!! :)
SUPER stud!!! :)
Beach + Family = Perfection
Of course the water was too cold
for this mama, but it didn't phase them...
They had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This hottie and I had fun watching them:)
I have a similar picture of Walker
like this in Galveston when he was two!
So handsome :)
He's my heart!
And THIS melted my heart!!!
I sure wish I looked like this in
a bikini eating cheetos!  ha!
The kids love playing in the sand, too!
My view;)
Because this is how I spent much of my time!!!:)
Sand on Mommy!!!
We Troy is in big trouble!!!
Flying the Spiderman kite
per Grandmother's request;)
Troy pretending to be a "dancer"
for Grandmother!!!  ha!!!!!!!
Never a dull moment with our fam;)
This handsome guy loves the beach, too!
A beautiful day at a beautiful place
with the most beautiful people in my life!
EVEN Spiderman was at the beach!!!!!!!

Then they did it all over again!!!!!!!!
My mother's first cousin, Norman!
Nicest man in the world:)
Some certain cutie pie loves beach life!!!
We were exhausted again that night...
everyone just ate at the hotel,
Except for Troy and me!
We had a hot date on the pier!!!!!!!!
That was a fun treat:)))
The next morning had to involve
one more round of putt-putt!
We had a special score keeper;)
Who knew that Grandmother was
so good at Putt-Putt?!?
THE most beautiful pearl I've EVER seen!!!
Yep, a hole in one!!!!!
It just happened to be St. Patty's Day...
We had so much fun being with
our Superman in Galveston.
Leaving wasn't as hard as usual
since we knew he would be coming
home in two weeks...but still not easy:(
Three of the most amazing men I've ever known!!!
This was a super sweet trip...
We missed Aunt Michelle though,
but Terry had to have surgery that week.
It's only fitting to say on St. Patty's Day
just how LUCKY we are to have this
guy still with us.  Of course it's not LUCK at all.
It's by God's grace, power and love
 through and through!  
Three times I pleaded with the Lord about this, that it should leave me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  2 Corinthians 12:8-9