Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smitten Siblings

Dear Walker and Hadlee,
I am amazed at the way you love your
new baby brother. It has been something to see!

Walker...I knew you would be happy to
have another person to join in our fun.
You are definitely a more the merrier type.
But to be honest, I thought you'd think
baby bro was cool but then you'd be on your
You have stepped up to the plate from
day far as loving Hudson and
just being head over heels for him.
It has been AMAZING to watch...
You talk to Hudson all the time and you love to
hold him. You do such a good job holding
him, too. Before school, you always go
and tell him good bye with a kiss while
he's still sleeping in his basinett.
You want to buy him new toys and you
beg for me to put him in your room to play.
You are unbelievable.
Hudson is one lucky little bro!
You're not the only smitten sibling in the house...
Hadlee...I anticipated you being the mommy
type to your little brother. I was right on, but
I didn't realize just how incredibly sweet it
would be to watch this unfold.

You have always been Little Miss Affection to me and I now share you with Hudson. You are constantly giving him sweet kisses and hugs. Daddy said he thinks that Hudson's forehead has a magnet to you. I love the way you want to help me by getting his burp cloths, choosing his diaper for me because you only want him to wear the ones with Mickey Mouse on them NOT Minnie!, telling me to make sure he's awake when I pick you up from Mrs. Janice's, and curling up in the chair with us while I nurse him.

You almost always ride in the car holding
Hudson's little hand. It's so sweet.
The other day I found you both sound asleep
in the back seat and of course you had
his itty bitty hand in your itty bitty hand.
It's moments like this that
I wish I could freeze time...
Walker...I love how you enjoy drawing.
Lately almost every picture you draw has
Hudson in it. And almost always you both
have a light saber in your hands!
I find pictures on the back side
of worksheets in your folder from school.
Melts my heart that you are thinking
of your baby brother even at school.
In this particular one, it looks like you
are protecting Hudson from a droid!
My Princess Pie...
not only are you an amazing big sister,
but you are flourishing in life.
I love that you are enjoying dance...
Your first recital in May is sure
to be something special!
(Even if daddy says you are NOT
allowed to wear any make-up for it!!!)
Stud Muffin...
You just shine! You give
everything in your life 100%!!!
Little League Baseball Tryouts?!?
You are killing me!
I am so very proud of you!!!
And as for you little man,
you are a dream come true!
I can't kiss those chubby little cheeks enough.
I literally cry thinking about how much
I already love you.

Love to all THREE of you...Mommy

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Much Fun

like this in Waco, Texas?!?
There's just sNOw way!!!
It was SnOw much fun!
God's beautiful white snow was everywhere!
Mommy's Snow Angel...Mommy's Little Love...
(Just not SnOw sure about that hat!!!)Whatever! Let's play!!! It's my first snow!I could not get over our winter wonderland!!!
Walker's school let out at 12:30.
We were so excited to have Bubba home with
us so we could have SnOw much fun!!!(By the way, I love that there are THREE now!)After this snow angel, Haddie Girl was done!Walker, on the other hand, spent
almost two hours outside in the snow!!!HE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just had to take Hudson Jack out
in the snow...for a picture at least!!!
It might be years and years
before he gets to see another snow.This kid was cracking me up!
I kept begging for him to come back inside!!!As usual, he was soaking it all up!Prissy Pie and I came out again briefly
to see Walker's snowman...Bless my Big Boy's heart...he worked SO HARD
on this! Pretty much by himself
because his mean mommy just isn't a
fan of Old Man Winter AT ALL!!!
Thankfully, though, Daddy finally got to come
home from work just in time for a
snow ball fight with some neighborhood girls...
AND, best of all, to build this
snowman with his best bud!!!
Hudson and Haddie Girl (with a bag
of potato chips!) watched from inside!!!
Happy Snow Ya'll!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week, as if we hadn't had enough illness
in our house, I tested
POSITIVE for strep throat!!!

It's never fun for anyone when mama is sick,
but there was actually one POSITIVE out
of the whole thing...since babies can't get strep,
I had one night of being quarantined
with this little LOVE...And boy is he ever a lover and a cuddle muffin!!!
Look at him with his onesie
a little bit unzipped.............
such a CASANOVA!!! ha ha!My love bug is growing LIKE CRAZY!!!
Plus he is the sweetest little thing EVER!!!
I need to backtrack on some pictures.
Since I was sick, I didn't get to post these...

I'm POSITIVE that things have changed
around here, but in such a wonderful way!
Homework time didn't used to look like this...I am POSITIVE that this little monkey
is going to love to play.
He was about three weeks old here... I am POSITIVE that Hudson's big sister
is going to enjoy doing certain things
to her little brother whether he likes
it or not! In fact, she has already
started dressing him up!!!Walker walked by and saw this and said,
"YA'LL ARE SO MEAN TO HIM!!!"Big Brother seems to think he knows better...
he got his old Thomas trains out for Hudson!
Check out that's like,
"What are they doing to me now?!?"
I think Hudson fell asleep doing the
Pledge! OF COURSE he can already
say the Pledge of Allegiance! Come on!!!I'm POSITIVE that Walker gives
having a baby brother
the thumbs up!!!I'm POSITIVE that these three
boys are going to have A LOT
of fun together in the future!!!No doubt this little girl will
join right along with them!!!I'm POSITIVE that Hudsy Puds still
isn't quite so sure what to think
about his bath or his massage,
but he doesn't cry anymore at least!I'm POSITIVE that this little
guy is DOG GONE CUTE!!!And that this little Hannah Montana
singing girl gives me the
"BEST OF BOTH WORLDS"!And that this crazy Aggie
lovin' guy is a riot!!!I'm POSITIVE that we have the
most wonderful
Great Grandparents in all of this world!!!Four Generations!!! We love Mamaw, too!
Aunt Neeney is too funny...
She loves her some family, that's for sure!!!
And we love her!
I'm POSITIVE I chose the BEST
Baby Daddy!!! He is crazy over his newest
little mini-him!!!I'm POSITIVE that after Little Miss Priss
fell asleep on the couch like this the other
night that her daddy and older brother
kept slapping her booty singing,
"Wave it in the air,
like you just don't care!!!"
I'm POSITIVE that I love all of the
silly and crazy things that go on in our house!!!
Obviously I'm POSITIVE
that this boy loves Texas A&M!!!
And that this little girl, while
100% girl, can most certainly
roll with the boys , too!!!
I am POSITIVE that these two
kids are a TOTAL BLAST to
have around...
And finally, I'm more POSITIVE
than EVER that life is sooooooooooooo
good with THREE!!!