Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hudson's Family Cards

Hudson has the sweetest little heart.  
He loves to make cards for his family:)
One day he made an individual
card for each of us at Mrs. Janice's...
he wanted everyone to be home
so he could hand them out
to each of us at the same time.  
His little drawings and letters
absolutely melt my heart. 
We were all so proud of our 
sweet cards!!!!!!!!
I wish I could bottle up 
that little boy's heart.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Austin Park & Pizza

We finished off our Spring Break
with another little day trip to Austin:)
I cracked UP when I noticed
these three boys waiting for us to leave...
I had on my new Kendra's
that my teacher friends got me
for my birthday:)
Walker has been to this place 
with friends before, but we had 
never been.  Troy wanted to do something
with the kiddos on Spring Break
so this was all his idea;)
We got there right as it opened!
Jared joined us:)
First up:  LaSeR TaG
Hadlee, Hudson and I were a team;)
Fierce Competition;)
Needless to say Hadlee, Hudson and I were
Nebula, Delta, and Jinx and
scored ZERO points!
Then Go-Kart TIME!!!

Roller Coaster Time!
Hudson wasn't quite sure at first on the turns;)
Big Kids on the Fast Go-Karts
(I by BiG Kids, I include my husband!)
Sweet Girl LOVED watching them
and cheering for them!!!
She is so happy for others.
I couldn't stop watching her.
Just so sweet:)
I love her joy for others. 
Troy was soooo into this!  ;)
Arcade Time!!!
Miniature Golf!!!
It was a beautiful day and 
we had a BLAST!!!
Hudson's ball in the water;)
More Go-Karts!!!!!!!
Choo Choo

Tdawg and Jared just had to ride THiS!!!
Back to the Arcade!!!

They stopped for pizza more than once;)

I could have spent all day 
at Mrs. PacMan!!!

We spent ALL day there!
They had a blast!!!!  :)
These two....
...crack me up!
Peace Out, Austin Park!
We had a great time!  :)
I love any day spent with 
these three and my man! 
Had to make a couple of stops on the drive home!
One was on the side of the road;)  ha ha!
Spring Break, You are FuN!!!