Friday, April 10, 2015


As #40 approached, I had to 
take care of some things;)

I was leaving to go get a wax,
and Hadlee told Hudson to video
it for her so she could post it
on Instagram??!!!???!!!
Well, the little guy really 
did video this!!!!!!!!!!

AND the stinker sent it to
Hadlee on our way home!!!!!!
Her response cracked me UP!!!!!!!!!
I needed far more than just a wax 
though;( The gray hairs are coming
through big time!  I also needed
several sessions in the gym...
but hey, I can't do it all;)

This was the picture I sent
to Troy from the salon. 
I think he started to get 
scared about his wife turning 40!;)
But then I sent him THiS
and he knew all was right in the 
world again with his 40 year old wife!;)
I love that my sweet friend
and mama to Hadlee's B/F/F
tackled my grays!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed chatting it up with 
her best of all:)
Another pic for the Hubs:)
I was actually in LOVE 
with my brunette, curled locks!
T-dawg had to send a pic to Cora, too!  
Hadlee was laughing at me and my selfies;)
but if I don't mind saying so myself...
my hair was looking good;)
If only "I" could get it to look like this!!!
No GRaYS = Happy 
(soon to be ) 40 Year Old
Bring it on, #40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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