Monday, April 13, 2015

40 With My Family :)

My family.  I love them all so much.
They made me feel FABULOUS at FoRTY(:
I chose a favorite Mexican restaurant
for my family celebration! 

My nearest and dearest family members
were all able to make it...
except for Macy:( since she teaches/
coaches out of town.  
My sweet Uncle Ron whom I love
so much sat across from me
and kept taking my picture
with his phone...he didn't even
know how to text the pictures;)
My mother and Troy had the 
"40" paraphanalia for me!  
I couldn't love my family more. 

It was a FuN night!!!!!!!!!!

Our friends at El Con made it
even more fun serenading me
with HaPPY BiRTHDaY:)

Everyone got the biggest kick out
of the fact that I ordered my own cake;)
Troy was going to do it, but I told
him to let me....I just adore my
cookie cake lady and she knows me
so well!  Fun colors, happy things,
and lots of icing:)
These sweet babies are my everything!  
The Big Guy counts, too :)
I just love being with my family...
on my birthday and any day!  
There is nothing quite like family.
I am so blessed to have such a loving
family.  I've NEVER, EVER had
to doubt their love for me.
I'm the baby of the family
and I am loved loved loved:)
It's a wonderful feeling.  
The kids were cracking up 
over Grandmother!!!
Gotta cover your hair when you have it done!
Balloons from Grandmother:)
Which of course my kids
just wanted the helium out of!!!!!!
I only let them have one
for all three of them!!!
40 with my Family!
40 years of love for me, 
for them, for us!!!
I am blessed by my family at 40!

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